FEMINIST: Trudeau “Forgets” Kim Campbell Was Prime Minister

During his “super important” appearance on Live With Kelly And Ryan, Justin Trudeau appeared to forget that Kim Campbell was Canada’s first female Prime Minister.

When asked if he would want any of his kids to be Prime Minister, Trudeau said, “I will say I have one daughter, and there is something very special about imagining a woman prime minister. I think it’s long overdue, I just don’t think we have to wait that long. I think it should be sooner than that.”

It appears Trudeau forgot that Kim Campbell served as Prime Minister from June 25 to November 4, 1993.

While she had a short tenure, she most certainly was Canada’s first female Prime Minister.

Considering he was on an American show, Trudeau has now given hundreds of thousands of people the impression that Canada never had a female Prime Minister.

Whether it was a deliberate omission – to deny the Conservatives a historical achievement – or he just forgot, it’s certainly a huge mistake for anyone to make – let alone Canada’s so-called “feminist” Prime Minister.

You can be sure that if a Conservative had made the same omission, they would have been ripped as a “sexist” and a “bigot,” part of the obvious elitist media double standard in Trudeau’s favour.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter