Get Ready For A More Expensive, More Globalist Foreign Policy

More of our tax dollars will be sent overseas while the interests of Canadians are ignored

As reported by Marie-Danielle Smith in the National Post, Trudeau government Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland is planning to deliver a speech about Canada’s foreign policy on Tuesday.

According to Smith, the speech will be “rooted in multilateralism.”

Smith points out that Stéphane Dion’s idea of “responsible conviction” will be absent from Freeland’s speech. That’s an important thing to note. While Dion certainly had faults, he was rightfully skeptical of increased trade with China, and was willing to advocate for basic Canadian principles. By going in a different direction, it appears Freeland is willing to sell out those principles – including considering a possible extradition deal with China.

Pushing Globalism

Make no mistake, Freeland’s speech will be part of the ongoing effort by the Trudeau government to push their globalist agenda.

The speech is expected to focus heavily on global institutions, global alliances, global trade, and the worthless bid for the UN Security Council Seat.

What that means is Canada will be spending more time and more taxpayer money focused on foreign interests, rather than fixing our own problems here at home.

In addition to putting foreign interests first, Freeland will also reportedly say Canada should be involved in the Middle East to help “quell insecurity.”

And strangely, Freeland is also expected to say borders are important – despite the fact that Trudeau is treating Canada’s borders as a joke. Of course, that’s in keeping with the globalist and elitist attitude: Open borders for the West, border security for everywhere else.

In short, Freeland’s speech will mean we Canadian taxpayers pay more to get less. Our government will be even more foreign-focused, while problems within our own nation continue to get worse.

Spencer Fernando


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