As Jihadist Threat Increased, UK Government CUT 20,000 Police Jobs.

Total incompetence.

As I said just yesterday, our leaders need to get tough on terrorism. As much as they claim to be taking it seriously, their actions show otherwise.

We’ve seen that here in Canada, where Justin Trudeau refuses to even say the term “Islamist terrorism,” and has refused to strengthen our defences against the terror threat.

And yet, even in the United Kingdom, the government there has failed miserably in defending their people.

First, it’s essential not to blame the UK Police. They are doing the best they can in difficult circumstances. They don’t set the laws, and they don’t choose their budget. Those decisions are made by politicians.

And the politicians have failed miserably.

While Theresa May is now trying to talk tough, remember that she was the UK Home Secretary for six years. The Home Security is similar to a Public Safety Minister or Director of Homeland Security. So when May says the UK wasn’t doing enough to stop Islamist terrorism, she’s talking about her own actions.

Even worse, since 2010, the UK government cut around 20,000 police jobs. They even cut over 1,000 armed officers. Obviously all UK Police should be armed, considering it took 10 minutes for officers with guns to arrive and put down the viscous Jihadi killers in one of the most recent attacks – so cutting any of those officers is a massive mistake to make as the terror threat is rising. Yet, when the cuts were first made and the police raised fears that their efforts to stop terrorism would be weakened, Theresa May accused them of “crying wolf.”

In the wake of the recent terror attacks, Theresa May isn’t accusing anyone of “crying wolf” now.

Incompetent Politicians

We are now witnessing total incompetence from those in power, based in large part upon the shackles of political correctness that hold back common sense ideas. Consider the fact that Theresa May says she wants “global regulation” of the internet to fight terrorism, yet she hasn’t said anything about stopping ISIS fighters from returning to the UK.

That is absolutely insane, and some are even calling for her resignation – including the former Strategy Director for the previous Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron.

And what about those 3,000 Jihadis the UK government is aware of? Why haven’t they all been arrested and locked up? That would be the obvious first step toward increasing security, yet those in power aren’t even talking about it.

The role of government in our lives should be limited. But one of the areas government must be strong is in the area of security. We can’t enjoy our freedoms if we’re dead. Government’s across the civilized world must take the gloves off and get tough on Islamist terror. Police and security budgets must be increased, and political correctness must be abandoned. Those politicians not willing to take decisive action must be replaced.

We deserve to live in a free and secure society, and this the first duty of our elected public servants. Anything less is unacceptable.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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