London Bridge Terrorist Appeared In Jihadi Documentary, So How Was He Not Stopped?

As more information is revealed about Khuram Butt, one of the perpetrators of the horrific London Bridge terror attack, questions are being raised about how the authorities were unable to stop him before he butchered innocent people.

Khuram Butt was born in Pakistan, later immigrating to the UK. He is one of the three attackers shot and killed by police. The other is Rachid Redouane, while the third has not yet been named.

Now, it it turns out that Khuram Butt was featured ON TELEVISION in a documentary called “The Jihadis Next Door.” In the film, Khuram Butt was seen holding an ISIS flag. He was also linked to British “citizens” who reportedly executed people for ISIS.

Authorities say Khuram Butt was under investigation by MI5 and police for over the last two years.

So how was he not stopped?

Why was he not in prison?

People go to jail for tax evasion and drug use, yet someone can appear on television showing allegiance to a murderous organization that seeks to slaughter innocents and they get to walk free?

How does that make any sense?

Members of the public called anti-terror authorities worried about Khuram Butt – and nothing was done

The more evidence is revealed, the more it appears the British government failed horrendously to keep their people safe. Members of the British public contacted authorities on the anti-terrorism hotline because they were concerned about Khuram Butt’s Islamist extremism.

And yet, nothing was done.

This means that despite being seen on a documentary where he was openly showing that he was an ISIS supporter, and despite the fact that he was being investigated, and despite the fact that members of the public contacted authorities with concerns, Khuram Butt was still allowed to walk free and ultimately murder innocent people.

That is a disgrace.

Oppressive & murderous Islamist ideology

Obviously, Khuram Butt was motivated by a murderous Islamist ideology. And his neighbours saw that he was not at all integrated into Western Values. As one of his neighbours said, Butt didn’t believe women should be free. “He didn’t like it when I was out and about,” said a female neighbour. “He didn’t like women. I think he thinks they should be suppressed at home. Last week he had a barbecue and he said ‘it’s a no-women zone’.”


Clearly, Khuram Butt should have been locked up as a threat to the people of the UK. Numerous scared neighbours and a TV report of him clearly being a part of ISIS are more than enough justification to have kept him off the streets. The British authorities have the ability to detain people who are threats to commit terror, and being in a Jihadi documentary supporting ISIS is obviously evidence of a threat.

Of course, the politically correct elites are too scared to take real action to keep their people safe. When it comes to some real solutions, such as keeping returning ISIS fighters out of the country and rounding up the 3,000 known Jihadis and either kicking them out or putting them in jail – the elites are too cowardly to even consider it.

Until these “leaders” care more about protecting their citizens than they do about political correctness, the threat of terror will continue to grow.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

WATCH: Channel 4 News Report on Khuram Butt



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