Terrorism In Australia: Three Police Officers Shot In Siege

ISIS claims responsibility for hostage-taking

ISIS has claimed responsibility for what authorities are referring to as an “act of terrorism.”

Part of Melbourne was in a state of siege as a gunman held a woman hostage in an apartment building. The Gunman was shot dead, and a worker was found dead at the scene. Three polices officers were wounded. Thankfully, the female hostage was rescued.

Here is what the Victoria State Police Commissioner said about the incident:

“We are treating it as an act of terrorism. We believe this person was there with those sorts of intentions, albeit we don’t know whether it was something planned or something spontaneous at this stage.”

According to Reuters, the ISIS Amaq news agency blamed the attack on Australia being part of the coalition against Islamic State.

There are also reports that the killer called a news agency and said the attack was “related” to ISIS.

Returning ISIS fighters

It seems like a broken record, but just like the UK and Canada, Australia knows some citizens are travelling abroad to fight for ISIS, and then they are foolishly letting them return, putting innocent people at risk.

It’s long past time for our leaders to start taking this threat seriously.

There is no time for complacency, as the threat appears to be rising around the world – including in Australia. According to Reuters, Australia has foiled 12 terror plots and arrested 63 potential terrorists since September of 2014.

Spencer Fernando

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jack grandville

Again, Spencer — I have absolutely no idea in the world how you manage but please keep keeping us abreast of what it transpiring around the world — we sure will not get that stuff from our in-house news entities. So, as a result, a good many of us must look for your articles to keep us abreast of what is happening in the world.


Yes. I agree. Spencer…….Blazingcatfur……..Rebel……I never never turn the TV news on……and never never read a newspaper.


The police report reminds me of my Grade 4 kids…………pathetic dumb language camouflaging truth. Of course!

Rick Churchill

Do the Western governments truly not take the situation seriously, or is their (non)reaction quite different, and more insidious? Are they purposely sacrificing their citizens in the name of Globalization?