Warning Of “SIGNIFICANT RISK” From Trudeau’s Infrastructure Bank

Another day, another warning about Trudeau’s dangerous infrastructure bank

If the Trudeau government was thinking the growing controversy surrounding the Canada Infrastructure Bank was going to go away, they’ll need to think again.

It now appears that the government itself is warning of “significant risk,” to Canadian taxpayers.

A new report by Jordan Press of CP has revealed a government briefing note that says the bank would “help bear a significant portion of the risk,” in cases where the government “took on an equity stake to make a project more attractive to private investors.”

Among the language used in the leaked report is a the idea of government providing a “loss buffer” to the financial institutions involved in the bank.

Disturbingly, the government is also considering investing on what are called “concessionary terms,” meaning the private partner could get all revenue from an infrastructure project.

The leaked government document once again confirms that Trudeau’s infrastructure bank pins all the risks on Canadian taxpayers, while giving all the benefits and rewards to the big banks and international interests that will be involved.

That is very dangerous, and it is a betrayal of Canadian taxpayers.

Conservatives & NDP oppose bank as Trudeau rushes things forward

In the House of Commons, both the Conservatives and NDP ripped the Trudeau government.

Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer called the infrastructure bank a “$35 billion boondoggle waiting to happen,” while Daniel Blaikie of the NDP called it a “slush fund” for the use of Trudeau’s “international corporate buddies.”

Scheer and Blaikie are both right. The infrastructure bank opens Canada up to immense risk, putting taxpayers on the hook for billions in potential losses, while all the profit goes to globalist banks and foreign corporations.

It’s a disaster waiting for happen, and it once again shows that Justin Trudeau is working for the benefit of foreign interests, not the Canadian people. He could care less if we are being put at risk, so long as his wealthy globalist friends have a chance to gain even more wealth and power at our expense.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

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Spencer. Any idea what foreign investors????


Well, for crying out loud!
What could possibly go wrong with PM Silly Socks at the helm?
I wonder, is this one of those times when a ‘vote of non-confidence’ could come into play, seeing as the NDP are on the ‘right’ side for a change?

jack grandville

I do not believe the above can come as a surprise to anyone still capable of independent thought. The problem, as I see it, is as you have so capably outlined, and I would go further and suggest that the ‘problem’ is known and has been known by those supporting such a move. Those, of course, are the members of the Liberal Party and members of the public who either do not, or refuse to, consider the ramifications to the country if this plan is pursued. My own feelings are that the term ‘intentionally selling out the country’ would be… Read more »

Evelyn Oliphant

What can we do to stop Trudeau?