DANGEROUS: Trudeau Government WEAKENING Canada’s Anti-Terror Protections

Weakening our anti-terror legislation puts Canadians at grave risk

As a wave of terror sweeps across the globe, it’s obvious to every common-sense Canadian that weakening our anti-terror laws is the last thing we should be doing.

And yet, the Trudeau government is doing exactly that.

As John Ivison reports in the National Post, “Legislation is expected before Parliament breaks for the summer, and it is likely to propose the repeal of measures in the Anti-Terrorism Act that security agencies claim have worked to avert more terror incidents in this country.”

In the wake of the Manchester and London attacks, that is incredibly dangerous and incredibly stupid. The government is willingly opening our country up to attack.

Political correctness puts lives at risk

Ivison notes that participants (approved by the Liberals of course) called for a “progressive” approach to terrorism. Writes Ivison, ‘”Many participants called on the government to prevent terrorism through counter-radicalization measures, “including through public awareness and education campaigns to promote diversity in Canada, better support for new immigrants and at-risk groups, and addressing the root causes of radicalization by improving social programs dealing with such things as health (including mental health) and housing,”the summary said.”‘

The naivety behind this is shocking, and it is appalling that the Trudeau government thinks that will work. Instead of banning returning ISIS fighters from the country, instead of imprisoning Jihadis, and instead of increasing resources going towards stopping terror plots, the government thinks “promoting diversity” is the solution.

That is insane. Does the Trudeau government not see how the Jihadis ran over and stabbed a “diverse” crowd of people in London? Does the Trudeau government not realize that ISIS doesn’t stop to ask how “progressive” or “inclusive” their victims are?

Former CSIS Boss warns against reducing security powers

Those who actually understand national security are worried about the proposed changes. The previous Conservative government strengthened legislation to protect Canadians from terror, and Richard Fadden – former head of CSIS – is warning against the Trudeau government weakening those protections.

As Fadden told the National Post, “I believe the government should move with caution in removing some of the authorities Parliament has given to national security agencies. First, because the threat remains real and, secondly, because the additional powers that might be scaled back have not — to my knowledge — either been abused or overused.”

Under the current law – Bill C-51 – CSIS has the authority to disrupt potential terror plots. Previously, they could only give information to the government and RCMP. Obviously, that delay could be the difference between stopping a plot or being too late to save Canadian lives.

And yet, the Trudeau government may take that power away. And as if that’s not bad enough, they also want to add a more lengthy and bureaucratic process before the agency can use their full powers against terrorists.

That is incredibly dangerous.

As someone who is wary of government overreach, I was not an initial fan of Bill C-51. That said, we must see reality for what it is. As the threat of Islamist terror spreads, Bill C-51 and strong anti-terror measures are necessary to keep our country safe, and weakening them now would be a massive mistake.

Even as he weakens the anti-terror measures, Trudeau is concentrating authority in his hands

As Trudeau weakens anti-terror legislation, he is also creating an “oversight” committee. However, that committee reports directly to him, not the Parliament. So Trudeau is both weakening our ability to defend ourselves from terrorism, and then concentrating oversight over that weaker system in his office. What makes this so disturbing, is that concentrating oversight in that way could be used to deflect blame in the event that there is an attack in our country as a result of a weaker anti-terror system.

Canada has been targeted by ISIS, and the lives of our citizens are at risk

As Ivison writes, “The threat level in Western democracies is rising and, as Canadian parliamentarians saw first-hand in October 2014, no one is immune.”

Ivison is 100% correct.

Canada is not immune. We are in serious danger. As the former security boss Fadden made sure to point out, Canada has been named and targeted by ISIS.

Hoping the threat will go away isn’t an option. Believing that we can just be “nice” or “inclusive” and the Jihadis will somehow leave Canada alone is naive, and dangerous thinking.

By weakening our anti-terror legislation, Justin Trudeau is failing in the most important duty of any national leader: Keeping our citizens safe.

The rapidly growing threat might not matter to Trudeau and those in power, since they are protected by layers of security. But for the rest of us, we are the ones who are put in danger when our government chooses weakness in the face of terror.

It is deeply disturbing, and in fact is deeply disloyal for the Trudeau government to be putting our people at greater risk when we can all see that the threat of Islamist terror is rising.

Share this story. Spread the word. And contact your MP. Canadians need to know that Justin Trudeau is putting Canada at risk.

Contact your MP and tell them to oppose Trudeau’s dangerous weakening of our anti-terror legislation

Spencer Fernando