Petition Calls For Trudeau To IMPRISON Or DEPORT JIHADISTS

Action must be taken to keep Canada safe

In the wake of the recent terror attack in London, much attention has turned to the failure of the UK government to stop the attackers. One of the attackers had shown up on a TV show holding an ISIS flag, and his neighbours had called authorities with concerns numerous times. Yet he wasn’t stopped. Additionally, there are thousands of known Jihadis who authorities are letting walk free in the UK at this very moment.

And yet, it’s not just a problem in the UK.

That same danger exists in Canada.

As reported by Anthony Furey of Postmedia, March 2016 testimony from the head of CSIS revealed that the government knows of 60 Canadians who left our country to be involved in terrorism – and have since returned.

At the same time, there were 180 known Canadians who were still out of the country engaging in terror. Under current law, they are all free to return to Canada.

This puts the Canadian people at significant risk.

That’s why a Canadian citizen from Montreal has created a petition calling on Justin Trudeau to “imprison or deport all known or suspected Jihadists.”

As Hans D. says on the petition website, “After the terrorist attack in Ottawa, Quebec and recently in Manchester, England, I feel not enough is being done and it’s only a matter of time until it happens again in Canada. We have to be proactive and get in front of this problem instead of always reacting.”

This petition is a chance to show that the Canadian people demand the government take the Jihadist threat seriously and take real action to defend our nation. Insane political correctness is putting us at risk, and we must get tough on Islamist terrorism to keep our country safe.

A link to the petition is included below:

Petition to imprison or deport all known or suspected Jihadists


Spencer Fernando