Suspected Algerian Jihadi Attacks Police Officer In Paris, Yells “This Is For Syria”

Attack took place outside Notre Dame Cathedral

A suspected Jihadi was shot after he attacked a police officer with a hammer at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

The Cathedral is a heavily visited tourist destination, and was closed after the attack.

According to Reuters, the Paris Prosecutors Office has launched a terrorism investigation, meaning the authorities have reason to believe Islamist terror is the motivation behind the attack.

On Twitter, Paris Police said “Situation under control, one policeman injured, the assailant was neutralized and taken to hospital.”

France remains under a state of emergency after a wave of Islamist terror across the country, resulting in the death of hundreds.

“This is for Syria”

According to the French Interior Minister, the attacker shouted “This is for Syria,” which furthers the link to Islamist terrorism.

Clearly, the Islamist terror threat is only getting worse – despite what our so-called “leaders” are saying.

Spencer Fernando

Photo Credit: Nancy Soderberg