VIDEO: Scheer Slams Trudeau’s Weak Response To Terrorism

During his time on ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan,’ Justin Trudeau gave a brutally weak response when asked about terrorism.

When it came to serious topics, instead of sounding like a leader, Trudeau sounded like an unprepared fool trying to BS his way through something he knew nothing about.

Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer rightfully slammed Trudeau for failing to take the security of Canadians seriously.

Watch the exchange below:

Trudeau would be a decent talk show host. But when it comes to leadership, and guiding a country through a dangerous and violent world, Trudeau simply doesn’t have what it takes.

The contrast between Scheer’s maturity and levelheadedness, and Trudeau’s arrogant and empty persona, could not be more clear. It’s the difference between someone who had to work for what they got, and someone who got it handed to them because of their last name.

Ask yourself this: Who would you trust to protect our country?

Spencer Fernando

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Sheila Robillard

Does it appear that our PM is looking very ragged? I will be so very pleased when we finally get an adult to take the helm again. JT was a joke on TV.


Protecting Canadians rights and defending our safety is what Canadians demand. Do folks understand what Justin said .That’s a very scary statement right there. Listen Justin Trudeau let’s make it very clear, when it comes to terrorists should we sit and debate human rights and liberties before taking action against them. It’s quite obvious what your take is towards terrorists in Canada. You wanna make sure their feelings are not hurt but certainly don’t give a damn if innocent Canadians are injured or killed do you.

Don Taylor

I sure as hell would not be trusting Justin Selfie Turdeau, Scheer is making Turdeau look stupid which he is.

Sandra Clark

I would like to know exactly, point by point, what Trudeau is going to do about Terrorism. I am tired of hearing the same rhetoric speech over and over again. These words that are coming out of Trudeau and Liberals mouths are not telling us anything. If he is defending Canadians rights and working hard to make Canadians safe…then….HOW?? How is he doing this? What is he doing about it? Tell us Trudeau…what are you going to do. All I see is the Liberals and Trudeau, skipping around the issues. This tells me he has absolutely, no plan to make… Read more »


Justin keeps speaking of a balance between citizens rights and safety. He just wants his terrorist buds to be dealt with kid gloves . It seems he can never speak of safety without saying we must always remember to defend Canadians rights. So let’s be kind to terrorists who hate us.

jack grandville

Well, now, another blatant example of a total lack of any understanding of reality. Watching and listening to this so-called prime minister is, although humorous in itself is, without doubt another example of embarrassment to this country because of his immature concept of reality. This person is no more than a tall child and retains the intellectual capabilities of a five-year old. I cannot, under the best of circumstances, believe that this is any qualification for the job title he presently holds. The sad reality is that his being in the office he is, is no less than a sham… Read more »

What a total disgrace for us this paultry weak man boy. Hurry up election l will vote for Scheer and l hope with the rest of common sense canadians. (Quebec is a thorn in canadas side with an abundance of tax coin goin to the useless pm’s)


I didn’t like the Conservative campaign of “he’s not ready”, which I though millennials and hippie dippies would see as a good thing…….now it should be “we are ready!!!!!!!!! Get this daycare kid out of government!” Go back to the part time this and that, on money for this and that, rainbowing this and that……

Robert Jirava

Boom! Superior wit vs total lack of it. It’s said that wit is an unfailing symptom of intelligence. It’s also plain to me that Turdeau isn’t up to the job. I think Scheer ended up being a good pick for leader and looks like a better choice to lead the country than Turdeau


Andrew Scheer already has my blessings and my vote based on his wit alone! 🙂 There is hope!

June Rose

Right on! couldn’t have said it better