VIDEO: Scheer Slams Trudeau’s Weak Response To Terrorism

During his time on ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan,’ Justin Trudeau gave a brutally weak response when asked about terrorism.

When it came to serious topics, instead of sounding like a leader, Trudeau sounded like an unprepared fool trying to BS his way through something he knew nothing about.

Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer rightfully slammed Trudeau for failing to take the security of Canadians seriously.

Watch the exchange below:

Trudeau would be a decent talk show host. But when it comes to leadership, and guiding a country through a dangerous and violent world, Trudeau simply doesn’t have what it takes.

The contrast between Scheer’s maturity and levelheadedness, and Trudeau’s arrogant and empty persona, could not be more clear. It’s the difference between someone who had to work for what they got, and someone who got it handed to them because of their last name.

Ask yourself this: Who would you trust to protect our country?

Spencer Fernando