WATCH: Rattled Trudeau Flubs First Question From Scheer

After spending days avoiding Question Period, Justin Trudeau finally showed up in the House of Commons to face the new Leader of the Opposition Andrew Scheer.

Now, we can see why Trudeau didn’t want to be there.

Scheer asked Trudeau why he is forcing Canadians to “co-sign loans for the richest 1%.”

Trudeau was clearly rattled by the question, and he flubbed the answer big time.

Watch Trudeau flub the question from Scheer in the video below:

With his failure to answer the question, it seems that Trudeau has a serious Fear of Scheer.

In his confusion, Trudeau let the truth out a bit too clearly: His true agenda is to serve his elitist friends, and despite all his rhetoric about the “middle class,” for a moment he forgot to hide the fact that he only serves the global elite.

Without his script, “sunny ways” can’t cover up his dangerous and deceptive agenda.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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So Andrew rips through Justin with good questions but, did Andrew get the answer from Justin…no. Every day the opposition ask good question but are met with same answer. like: we are raising taxes on the wealthy 1% to give to the middle class….. Andrew should have said “so you are raising taxes on yourself since you are wealthy yet are getting paid by the middle class. why don’t you lower your salary or raise taxes on yourself since you are wealthy?” Everytime Justin says ‘the conservative dark years’ of not doing this or that why doesn’t the conservative asked… Read more »

Heather Guse

Well done. Great comment. Your thoughts and mine resonate. Thank you.

Elaine Teichgraber

Trudeau is clearly flustered by the mere presence of Andrew Scheer. Gonna love watching Question Period now.

jack grandville

Interesting — he simply cannot get the right words at the right time, for the right reason so often it is more than embarrassing. Without much education I never made those mistakes in giving speeches or debates, or discussions. In other words, it is simply that he is so caught up in his own importance that to come up with the right words at any given time is simply foreign to him — and he is referred to as a ‘statesman’? Guess my understanding of that word and his are at odds.

J. Jamieson

Scheer’s confronting Trudeau with the truth left him stammering for a coherent response.

Terry Black

The question with the blatant truth stunned him for a few seconds’ there!
Trudeau is full of Ca Ca!
The Glitch of a liar!


Donkeyboy Trudeau would be stupted by a 6 grade kid. If questioned by anybody that he wasn’t given the prepared answer before hand he doesn’t have a clue what to say. He was ignored at the G-7 because once he showed them his pretty pink socks his mommy bought him, the adults at the meeting realized they were dealing with a man- child and just avoided him.


The only thing to save this country is to vote Andrew *Scheer in. Anything ese would be a suicide! his country is ailing badly, it is infected by the bacteria of the leftists and the governemnt that consists of uneducated, ignorant, shallow, empty, power hungry, people. People who have no courage to face the Truth! Only thruth can save Canada. The truth of recognizing what caused the infection and what makes the infection spread. We have the remedy for it – the
courage to call a spade a spade!