Carbon Taxes Destroying Canadian Competitiveness

As the United States becomes a better place to do business, Canada is moving in the opposite direction.

We know the carbon tax will have a big negative impact on our wallets. Canadian consumers will be hit hard by the rising cost of living generated by increased taxation.

Now, it has also become quite clear that the carbon tax is damaging our overall economic competitiveness, giving other countries (particularly the United States), a clear advantage over us.

As Rob Merrifield – the former senior representive of Alberta to the United States – wrote in the Financial Post, “What risks harming our economy for years to come is a business climate within Canada that is increasingly making our country inhospitable for new investment. While changes are being pursued in Washington D.C. to increase jobs and production stateside, policies being created by Prime Minister Trudeau and his cabinet risk shutting doors to new business in Canada.”

Merrifield points out that the contrast between the policies being introduced in Canada and the United States don’t bode well for our nation. And he notes that it’s not just the carbon tax that is damaging our economy, it’s also the failure of the Trudeau government to lower small business taxes and their scheme to increase the “beer tax” every year.

And when it comes to regulations, the American advantage over Canada continues to grow:

“The United States is also moving forward to lessen the regulatory burden on energy projects to help get them off the ground in a timely manner, while Trudeau has made changes to the environmental assessment rules for energy projects that now require applicants to calculate upstream emissions — something that virtually no other country does,” writes Merrifield.

Merrifield points to Beer Canada, CF Industries, Fertilizer Canada, and Ford Canada as just some of the many companies expressing worry about our deteriorating economic competitiveness relative to the United States.

It really shouldn’t be this way. As Merrifield says, “With the low Canadian dollar, our businesses should be thriving right now, but they aren’t because new policies in Ottawa have investors very nervous. A government that drives investment elsewhere and prevents its own companies from getting down to work is the greatest threat to a country’s economy.”

This is quite ironic. The Trudeau government has made a big deal about how Canada must be independent from the United States in our foreign policy, yet their economic policies risk strengthening and enriching the United States at the expense of the Canadian people.

Media manipulation has led to destructive policies

Through the establishment media, the elites have successfully manipulated many people to support policies that are actually harmful to our country. Despite the fact that Canada is already “carbon neutral,” we are being forced to restrict our own growth and development while other countries can go on expanding. Politicians have convinced many people to accept “carbon taxes” for the sake of “saving the planet,” because people would oppose those taxes if they knew it was all about putting more money in the hands of politicians.

As time goes on, we are going to see more and more economic damage being caused by the Trudeau government and their destructive economic agenda. That’s what happens when ideology gets in the way of reality.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

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