“It’s Not A Lie If You Believe It”: Scheer Rips Trudeau On Taxes

Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer is on a roll in Question Period. Under the pressure of strong questions pointing out the rampant dishonesty and deception of the government, Justin Trudeau has been stumbling over his answers and resorting to the same discredited talking points.

Trudeau recently slipped up and began admitting that his government was cutting taxes for the wealthiest 1%, but reversed himself before revealing too much. On another line of questioning, Scheer ripped into Trudeau for claiming that the Liberals are cutting taxes for the middle class, when in fact the opposite is true.

There are new carbon taxes, higher taxes on bus passes, and a beer tax that is going to go up every year. Every year, more money is ripped out of our pockets. That’s why the Trudeau government is hiding behind talking points to mask their true record of hurting the middle class.

Watch as Andrew Scheer holds Trudeau accountable for his taxing lies:

Trudeau’s answers are nothing but lies. Trudeau is the one who is working for the most wealthy, powerful, and connected elites. Trudeau is the one giving away billions and putting Canadian taxpayers at risk with the infrastructure bank – which is really a slush-fund for foreign banks and the largest corporations.

The establishment media rarely shows these full clips – and they almost never give the full context. That’s why we need to get the word out about Trudeau’s lies on taxes, and everything else.

Spencer Fernando

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Sandra Clark

Canadians asked for real change and that is exactly what they got…quote from Trudeau at the end of this clip. Yup, we got real change alright. Taxes and more taxes, debt and more debt and a PM that is caught up in his own ego trip.

Sheila Robillard

What are those idiots behind him?? Bobble heads. And the PM needs a haircut badly. Looks like he’s tired and worn out.


certainly hope so …hope he is too tired ( maybe from too many trips ) to go ahead… a bad for a definite GOOD …and THAT IS WHAT CANADIANS want …

Mel Kozun

Cut his nice hair??? Sacrilegious!!

June C Dobson

if he is tired and worn out,it is not from working,,,,maybe he should give up these,, paid by tax payers,, lovely vacation he and the mrs take,,

Case Vandenberg

Trudeau keeps repeating the same rhetoric over and over and over and over and over again! Step down you unqualified man child. No one wants to see your socks, no one wants to hear your liberal bullshiet, and no one wants you as the PM of Canada anymore. Go get him Andrew and make him accountable until the next election. Just vote no to Justin Trudeau, 2019.

Huskins Linda Barbara

Thank you for your great reply! Canadians must keep pounding the Crime Minister and his band of bobble head snowflakes ❄️.

Paul Dessa

Liberal promised to create billions of dollars deficit……………..Great vision.

Andrew Klinzmann

Are you seriously surprised that the ‘lame stream’ media refuse to cover this dilettante’s lies ? They exist only to promote this hate-filled tyrant’s agenda; and all his alt-left acolytes go along for the ride; just so long as they get their free pot someday…