Refusing Funeral Rites For London Jihadis Is A Good & Long Overdue Idea

As the number of Islamist terror attacks continues to rise, many have called upon members of the Muslim community to speak out more, and take stronger action against terrorism.

Yet all too often, those calls have been drowned out by politically correct leaders such as Justin Trudeau who seem more worried about avoiding ever once uttering the words “Islamist terrorism,” at all costs than they are by the horrific consequences of terrorist attacks.

However, in the wake of most recent London attack, some members of the Muslim community in Britain have put forth a good – and long overdue – idea.

As reported by the Independent, 500 imams in Britain have refused to perform funeral prayers for the perpetrators of the horrific London attacks. Of course, it is terrible to think that funeral prayers were being performed at all for jihadis – hence why the decision is long overdue.

That said, the move is a good idea. Interestingly, it is similar to a proposal put forth by Scott Adams. Adams is the creator of Dilbert, and he has gained a very large following in the United States for being one of the first to predict Donald Trump would both win the Republican Nomination and the Presidential Election. Adams says he saw Trump’s persuasion skills early on, and Adams accurately called Trump’s future win when almost all the other pundits were laughing at him.

Adams recently wrote about how Trump referred to terrorists as “evil losers,” and sees it as very effective persuasion. He points out that Trump’s branding could lower the appeal of ISIS to potential recruits.

In the same persuasion mindset, Adams points out that the media should create a mental imagery of the terrorists burning in hell, rather than getting their imagined reward for murdering innocent people. Here’s how Adams put it:

“A better approach for the media, if they want to be helpful, might involve inviting a continuous line of Muslim scholars and critics  to talk about how these “gullible losers” were duped by ISIS to kill themselves and spend eternity in Hell. And we need lots of visual and other persuasion about Hell. I want Photoshopped images of the terrorists burning for eternity. I want descriptions of the smells, tastes, and sounds they are experiencing, so the next “lone wolf” has something to contrast with the 72 virgin story. Let’s put some doubt into that mix. Fear is a good persuader.”

Adams is 100% correct here. ISIS has been fighting a disturbingly effective recruiting war with very little pushback.

That’s where the story of the imams refusing funeral prayers comes in. The group used very similar language to what Scott Adams proposed, saying that terrorism “is not a path to heaven,” and would lead to “a dark and godless place.”

The language could have been toughened up, but it’s a step in the right direction. One member of the group said, “We needed to go a step further and disassociate ourselves from these people.”

The danger of political correctness

The statements by the imam group in Britain is important, and it’s something we need more of across the western world. There has to be a clear, swift, and strong condemnation of Islamism. And here is where we see the danger of political correctness.

You can notice that the imams mentioned above condemned Islamist terrorism in far stronger terms than Justin Trudeau or many other politically correct politicians ever have. While it is 100% justified for people to want strong action against terrorism from the Muslim community, it is also true that in many instances some Muslims have reported terrorist threats to the authorities – who then did nothing out of fear of “discriminating.”

That’s right, political correctness has reached the absurd level where the elites are often afraid of being seen as “Islamophoboic” for confronting Islamist terrorism, even when it’s members of the Muslim community itself reporting the terrorist threat.

There is a deeper problem here as well. There are some brave reformers within the Muslim community who have called for reform within Islam. Those are people who want to see Sharia Law eradicated, believe in the equality of men and women, and support religious pluralism. And yet, those voices within Islam are being silenced and oppressed from two directions. On one hand there are the Islamists who want to impose Sharia Law, subjugate women, and put Islam in a dominant position in every society. On the other hand, there are the politically correct elites who try and silence anyone who criticizes Islam – even though no ideas are supposed to be above criticism in a free society.

That disturbing combination of Islamism and political correctness stifles the voices of reformers within Islam, and makes the task of defeating terrorism impossible.

Think about this: Justin Trudeau should be praising the imams who are denouncing terrorism and refusing to perform funeral prayers for the Jihadi killers. And yet, Trudeau is silent. He’s too afraid to even talk about Islamist terrorism, let alone give credit to those who are speaking out against it. That kind of cowardice puts us at risk.

That’s why political correctness is dangerous – not just rhetorically, but in actual fact. Political correctness empowers Jihadis by silencing those within Islam who would push back against them, and it also leaves our country open to attack by weakening anti-terror laws, keeping our borders unsecure, and insanely letting people who leave our country to fight for ISIS come back in to plot harm against us.

The solution to terrorism

As a result, we can see that the solution to terrorism is not especially complex. First – secure our borders. Second, ban all who leave to fight for ISIS from ever returning, or detain them. Third, detain all known Jihadis, and deport them whenever possible. Fourth, rather than try to silence criticism of Islam, bring more attention to reformers within Islam who are willing to unconditionally denounce Islamist terrorism. And fifth, end the insane political correctness that stifles discussion and puts us at growing risk.

Those five steps would make us much safer, and they can be done quickly. Unfortunately, our so-called leaders lack the guts to make it happen. Until we get people in power who have toughness, common-sense, and an ability to see reality, the risk will continue to grow.

Spencer Fernando