BETRAYAL: Trudeau Lets China Take Over Sensitive Canadian Company WITHOUT Security Review

Trudeau is letting China buy up our country piece by piece

Over and over again, Justin Trudeau has shown a disturbing willingness to do the bidding of China – even when the national security of Canada and our allies could be at risk. 

In late March, Trudeau let China’s O-Net Communications buy Montreal-based ITF Technologies, despite warnings against the deal from the Department of National Defence and CSIS. The Harper government had blocked the deal for those same security reasons, yet Trudeau let it through.

Now, Trudeau has let China takeover another sensitive Canadian company – WITHOUT a security review.

The details are disturbing.

As reported by the Globe and Mail, “The Trudeau government is allowing Chinese investors to buy a Vancouver high-tech firm without a formal national security review even though Canada and many of its allies use the company’s patented satellite communications technology for security, public safety and defence.”

The company is Hytera Communications from Shenzhen, China. They are taking over Norsat International Inc., a company based in Vancouver. Norsat recently delivered a satellite communication system to Canada’s Coast Guard.

As reported by Globe and Mail, other Norsat customers include “the U.S. Department of Defence, the U.S. Marine Corps, the U.S. Army, the Irish Department of Defence, the Taiwanese army, the aircraft manufacturing company Boeing and major journalism outfits including CBS News and Reuters.”

It is absurd and disturbing that the Trudeau government is letting Hytera buy such a sensitive company without a national security review.

Hytera accused of massive theft

As if letting Hytera take over Norsat itself isn’t bad enough, it turns out that Hytera has an incredibly controversial reputation. Hytara has been accused by Motorola of a massive theft of Motorola’s intellectual property, and is now facing a court case over the matter.

Michael Byers, a professor at the University of British Columbia told the Globe & Mail he was “astonished” at the move by the Trudeau government: “I find this incomprehensible because it is so clearly involves cutting-edge technology as well as Canada’s most important security alliance. We have a Canadian company that is building satellite receivers for essentially the most advanced satellite system operated by NATO and the Chinese takeover of that company is not being subject to a national-security review.”

Byers also asked, “Do we want small and medium-sized Canadian companies that are engaged in cutting-edge telecommunications research and development to be snapped up by foreign companies that are essentially hollowing out Canada’s aerospace and military industries by doing this?”

Betraying Canada and our allies

This sale should have been blocked. Canada should be doing more to hold onto our companies that are related to national security. And we should never let China – an undemocratic authoritarian state – buy a company that has worked so closely with both our government, and our close allies.

Letting China takeover this company without a national security review is both a betrayal of the interests of the Canadian people, and a betrayal of our allies, who will certainly lose trust in our commitment to protecting sensitive information from China.

And to the point made by Byers, why is Justin Trudeau letting our military industry get taken over by China? Canada needs a strong homegrown military industry, and that means we need to protect our companies, not let them get bought out – and especially not by China.

Trudeau’s disturbing willingness to do China’s bidding

China has repeatedly complained about national security reviews, seeing them as “unfair” and as “protectionism.” Well, that’s too bad for them. If China wants less scrutiny, they would have to show that they are no longer a ruthless authoritarian state. Obviously, they can’t show that, so the scrutiny needs to remain.

And yet, instead of listening to warnings from Canadians, Trudeau listened to China, and it’s not the first time. Remember that Trudeau also let a shady Chinese company (with links to the Chinese Communist Party elite) buy the largest assisted living company in British Columbia, which gave China the chance to enter our healthcare system.

We also remember that before he became Prime Minister, Trudeau expressed admiration for China’s “Basic Dictatorship.”

And who can forget the Cash-For-Access fundraisers with Chinese billionaires. There were reports that some of those who attended those elitist fundraisers asked Trudeau to make it easier for China to buy up Canadian companies. Does anyone believe it’s just a coincidence that Trudeau raised all that money and then approved China’s takeover attempts?

This is part of long-term pattern from Trudeau, who seems much more loyal to China than he is to Canada or other democratic nations. Consider the fact that Justin Trudeau is distancing Canada from the United States in our foreign policy, yet simultaneously moving closer to China. There is something very disturbing about that.

It appears that our government is now actively doing the bidding of a ruthless authoritarian regime, and is letting our country get bought out piece by piece. This is something that should disturb all Canadians, as it raises the serious question of whether our government is now serving as a proxy for foreign interests – regardless of the consequences to Canadians.

Spencer Fernando


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