Canada Must Stay Out Of Potential Saudi vs Iran Conflict

The horrific ISIS attack on Iran’s Parliament in central Tehran shows the global reach of the ISIS threat. At least 13 are dead after suicide bombers and gunman unleashed terror in the Iranian Capital.

The impact of the attack could be far beyond the tragic loss of life. Tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran have been growing for a some time, and there are increased fears this attack could lead to a deeper conflict.

As reported by Reuters, a tweet by Javad Zarif – the Iranian Foreign Minister – appears directly aimed at Saudi Arabia, “Terror-sponsoring despots threaten to bring the fight to our homeland. Proxies attack what their masters despise most: the seat of democracy,” said Zarif.

Calling Iran a “democracy” is a big stretch, since the all powerful Ayatollah dominates their government. Yet, Iran is much closer to being democratic than Saudi Arabia – which is one of the most oppressive states on Earth.

Days before the attack, Saudi Arabia vowed “punishment” for Iran, and threatened to unleash violence. Tensions have risen further due to the dispute over Qatar, as the Sunni Muslim Gulf states have joined Saudi Arabia in cutting off all ties to the small nation, which is allied with Iran.

Escalating tension

Tensions are rapidly escalating in the region, with Qatar having put their military on alert over fears of a possible incursion from Saudi Arabia or Saudi allies. The United States has so far sided with Saudi Arabia, though some US officials fear losing their alliance with Qatar – home to a massive US military base. Making things even more complicated, Turkey – a NATO member – has approved a troop deployment to defend Qatar.

This means the United States and Turkey – both NATO members – are so far on opposite sides – rendering NATO’s purpose useless in this particular instance.

What a mess.

Canada should stay out and focus on our country

If there is a conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran, you can expect the globalists to begin talking about “intervention.” They’ll want Canada to get “involved” somehow, either by sending troops, sending money, or both.

We should do neither.

While war would not be good, if it happens, I say “Let them fight.”

Saudi Arabia and Iran are both massive sponsors of terrorism. Iran is thought to be the biggest state financier of terrorism on earth. Saudi Arabia gives billions to spread Wahabbist Islam around the world – leading directly to increased radicalization and increasing the Islamist terror threat.

Without the Saudi and Iranian regimes financing Islamist terror, our world would be a safer place. 

Both Saudi Arabia and Iran would be weakened in a conflict against each other, which could either hasten the fall of their regimes, or damage their economies severely.

And while conflict is not something many would wish for, it is a fact that Iran and Saudi Arabia are both competitors against Canada in the oil market. If their collapse enabled us to gain market share, there could be significant benefits to the wealth of our nation.

Again, it’s not that we would wish for that to happen. Yet if a severe conflict takes place, why would we be want to get involved at all when our interests could be served by letting it happen?

Of course, more important than the political or economic considerations, is the fact that such a conflict could be horrendously destructive. Even if our troops were well funded by the government, they would be in massive danger. And as we know, our troops are not well funded. Sending them into a warzone would be deeply immoral.

And finally, we need to reject the idea of sending any “foreign aid” to either Saudi Arabia or Iran. Even if there is a war and those regimes collapse, it’s not the job of the Canadian taxpayer to pick up the tab. Iran and Saudi Arabia had years where they made massive oil profits. If they chose to sponsor terror instead of building up their countries – that’s on them, not us.

Stay out of conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran – focus on Canada

Canada needs to stay out of any conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Let them fight. Let them ruin each other’s economies if they want to.

We should be focusing on fixing our own issues. And the escalation of tensions in the Middle East provide us with a great opportunity to ban Saudi oil imports and massively increase our homegrown production capacity. With all our oil we should never be buying it from anywhere else. Canada should be self-reliant when it comes to energy, and it’s absurd that parts of our nation are beholden to Saudi Arabia for oil despite our abundance of it.

We must speak out strongly against the first sign of any politician trying to get us involved in a potential war between Saudi Arabia and Iran. While the globalists would feel no guilt about putting Canadian lives at risk, we – the Canadian people – need to put the interests of our country above all else.

Spencer Fernando

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