DISGRACEFUL: Saudi Soccer Team REFUSES To Honour Minute Of Silence For London Terror Victims

How can anyone still think the Saudis are our allies?

Saudi Arabia’s soccer team triggered outrage during a World Cup qualifying match in Australia when they disgracefully refused to line up for a minute of silence honouring the victims of the London terror attack.

According to the Daily Mail, the Saudi’s told the Football Federation of Australia that the minute of a silence wasn’t “in keeping with Saudi culture.”


During the moment of silence, Saudi bench players refused to stand, and while the Australian team lined up in formation, the Saudi team just walked around.

Fans were rightfully outraged at the disgraceful Saudi actions of the Saudi team, as you can see in the tweets below:



WATCH: Media report on Saudi refusal to honour minute of silence

We should all be outraged. Saudi Arabia is a massive sponsor of terror, spreading the horrific Wahabbist ideology that has indoctrinated so many into becoming Islamist terrorists.

If they had even a shred of decency, Saudi Arabia would feel some responsibility for the consequences of spreading Wahabbism. Instead, they act disgracefully and won’t even take one minute to honour the victims of terror.

And as for the “culture” argument, it’s total BS. Players from the United Arab Emirates have previously honoured moments of silence for victims of terrorism, so it’s clearly just another chance for Saudi Arabia to spit in the face of the Western world.

How much more evidence do we need to realize that Saudi Arabia is not our ally? When will our leaders wake-up and start holding Saudi Arabia accountable? The weakness our leaders are showing is truly pathetic, and it must end.

The Saudi Arabian regime is an enemy of the Western World, and it’s time for us to treat them accordingly.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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