Trudeau Government “Openness & Transparency” Exposed As Lie

Despite a campaign promise to lead “the most open and accessible” government ever, a new report from the Information Commissioner shows Justin Trudeau is failing miserably when it comes to turning those words into actions.

In fact, numerous government departments are getting ‘F’ grades when it comes to openness.

As reported by the Canadian Press, Information Commissioner Suzanne Legault says Access To Information legislation is actually being used to make it more difficult for Canadians to get information.

As Jim Bronskill writes, “Requests are supposed to be answered within 30 days and agencies must have legitimate reasons for taking longer. However, the system has been widely criticized as slow, antiquated and riddled with loopholes that allow agencies to withhold information rather than release it.”

According to Legault’s report, the CRA, RCMP, Global Affairs, the Correctional Service all got F grades.

Yet, that wasn’t even the worst of it.

It turns out there is something called “Red Alert” status, which is even worse than an ‘F’ grade. Health Canada and the Department of National Defence were both put on “Red Alert.”

Trudeau all talk and no action

Legault’s report has laid bare the total lie of Trudeau’s promises of openness and transparency. Regarding Trudeau’s failure, Legault said “I think he needs to do more. And I think he needs to make sure that the bureaucracy does more. It’s not enough to say it.”

Once again, Trudeau has been exposed as a fraud. He’s all talk, no action. Considering how Trudeau has shown himself to be a servant for the elites rather than the Canadian people, it’s no surprise that he’s doing everything he can to avoid sharing government information with the public.

Spencer Fernando


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