VIDEO: Trudeau Grilled Over Failed Languages Commissioner Pick

Madeleine Meilleur has withdrawn her name from consideration for the position of Commissioner of Official Languages.

Justin Trudeau had faced massive criticism for the appointment of Meilleur. The criticism was centred around the fact that Meilleur had been a Minister in the Kathleen Wynne Liberal Ontario government. Of course, the position of Official Languages Commissioner is supposed to be non-partisan.

Additionally, the appointment is supposed to be made in consultation with the opposition. Yet, the Trudeau government arrogantly refused to consult the opposition, and Meilleur even met behind the scenes with Trudeau’s top advisor Gerald Butts.

Minister Melanie Joly tried to defend Meilleur’s appointment in the House of Commons, but did a terrible job. Now, Meilleur has withdrawn herself from consideration for the job, showing a far better moral compass than either Trudeau or Joly demonstrated.

In the video below, watch as Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer grills Trudeau on his unethical partisan appointment:

The end of Madeleine Meilleur’s nomination shows a few things:

First, Trudeau is determined to destroy the independence of all non-partisan institutions in our country. He is doing everything he can to concentrate all power and corrupt our political system.

And second, a strong public backlash – including the messages we got out on social media about Trudeau’s attempt to corrupt the nomination process – can make a difference. While Trudeau will be in power until 2019, we can do much to slow his dangerous agenda by relentlessly exposing the truth about his corruption and getting that message directly to the Canadian people.

Spencer Fernando


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