CORRUPTING THE WATCHDOGS: Trudeau Extends “Temporary” Commissioner Terms

Justin Trudeau has taken another step towards corrupting the independent parliamentary watchdogs.

Currently, Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson and Lobbying Commissioner Karen Shepherd are working on a temporary basis, with their terms scheduled to expire shortly.

Now, the Canadian Press is reporting that Trudeau has extended their temporary terms by another six months. He had already extended their terms previously, as both Shepherd and Dawson were scheduled to be out of their posts a year ago.

The extensions come after Madeleine Meilleur withdrew her name from consideration for the position of Official Languages Commissioner, after Trudeau tried to force the partisan appointment through without consulting the opposition.

Corrupting independent oversight

By leaving temporary people in those positions – rather than appointing permanent heads to those jobs – Trudeau is corrupting the essential independent oversight in parliament. The authority of temporary officers is severely weakened, as they always have one foot out the door, and can be replaced at anytime.

Keep in mind that both Shepherd and Dawson are investigating Trudeau for ethics scandals, which explains why he wants their offices kept weak.

Every time you hear “temporary” think “powerless and beholden to the Prime Minister’s Office.”

Of course, the government claims they’re just having “trouble finding people” for those positions, which is obviously an absurd excuse.

Trudeau has also left the position of chief electoral officer vacant – which should disturb all Canadians.

It is now obvious that Trudeau is deliberately trying to destroy accountability. He is gutting the parliamentary watchdogs, which could enable corruption on a government-wide scale. He’s also blocking our access to government information, and even withheld info from the Parliamentary Budget Officer and the Auditor General.

It fits with his perception of himself as a King, rather than a public servant. Trudeau thinks he’s above the rules, above the law, and above accountability to Canadians. Nobody within his government will push back against his arrogant and autocratic actions, which means its up to the Canadian people to ensure he is decisively defeated in 2019.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

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