The Trudeau Government Is Giving Gun Registry Data To Quebec

Despite the total failure of the gun registry, which was an intrusive, insulting, and wasteful piece of legislation that didn’t make anyone safer, the Trudeau government is helping the Quebec Liberal government try it again.

It has been reported that the federal government has introduced a bill that will give the gun registry data to Quebec – helping Quebec with the creation of their own gun registry.

The Conservative government had scrapped the registry, but the courts blocked the deletion of the Quebec data. As a result, the data is still possessed by the Federal Government, who are now sharing it with Quebec.

This arguably breaks Trudeau’s promise not to reintroduce the gun registry. If you’re a Quebec gun owner who had to deal with the wasteful and invasive registry, it doesn’t matter whether it’s federal or provincial, the registry is coming back all the same.

An insult to Canadian gun owners

This decision by the Trudeau government is an insult to Canadian gun owners. As I’ve said before, the facts on gun crime show that gun violence is concentrated in poor urban centres. And criminals don’t register their guns. Instead of reducing crime, the gun registry wastes a bunch of taxpayer money, infringes on the liberty of law-abiding gun owners, and diverts resources from real problems.

By giving the Quebec government the data – which should have been destroyed – Trudeau is seeking to score political points at the expense of Canadian gun owners.

It’s an absolute disgrace, because it shows how Trudeau is willing to pit Canadians against one another for his own selfish political gain.

Those of us with common sense know that the gun registry should have stayed dead and buried.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

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