VIDEO: Environmentalist Admits Paris Climate Accord Does Nothing For Environment

Even if every country met their targets perfectly, almost nothing would be accomplished.

Early in June, I wrote that the Paris Climate Accord is a globalist scam. As I wrote at the time, the Paris Climate Accord isn’t about the environment at all. It’s about redistributing wealth at a global scale. What the elites couldn’t do with socialism, they’re trying to achieve with “climate change.”’

The accord lets other countries like China, Russia, and India keep increasing their emissions massively, while pushing countries like Canada to take measures like the carbon tax that will devastate our economy. It’s about holding back our economies, while letting other nations keep on expanding.

While we implement job killing carbon taxes, growth and jobs will move from our nation to countries allowed to keep investing in industry, energy production, and growth. That’s how our wealth gets redistributed around the world.

Conservative vote

The Conservatives under new leader Andrew Scheer are taking some heat for forcing a whipped vote in favour of a Liberal motion in the House of Commons on the Paris Accord.

I’m not a fan of whipped votes, as we need to be giving MP’s more authority, not less. That needs to change. Yet, when it comes to the vote, it was a trap set by Trudeau. Currently, a big majority of Canadians say they like the Paris Accordthe result of massive propaganda throughout the elitist media. Trudeau wanted to be able to run ads saying Scheer had the same position as Trump on the Paris Accord. Those ads could have been effective in some areas of the country – particularly some of the essential swing ridings in Ontario. So, by voting for the motion, Scheer evaded Trudeau’s trap.

That shows why it’s up to us in the grassroots to spread the truth about the Paris Accord to turn the public opinion around, and make it easier for politicians like Scheer to strongly oppose it. Those of us who see the truth must push back against the elitist media establishment.

More importantly, the motion does nothing in policy terms. It doesn’t set any policy. What matters is that Trudeau is using the carbon tax as the tool to “implement” Canada’s targets under the Paris Accord. So, what is most important is that the carbon tax is stopped. Scheer has continued to speak out against Trudeau’s dangerous carbon tax, even saying fighting the tax is “job number one.”

As a result, while the vote in the House of Commons may not be great (and I personally would have voted against the motion), we can note that Scheer is still pushing for good policy – eliminating the destructive carbon tax.

If we get rid of the carbon tax and get rid of other burdensome regulations, we will be effectively ignoring the Paris Climate Accord, and we will be refusing to play the globalist game.

Paris Accord does nothing for environment

As mentioned above, policy is the real problem here. Trudeau is using the Paris Accord as part of his excuse for forcing the carbon tax on our country. This is where the scam is revealed. The Paris Accord doesn’t do anything for the environment, yet globalist politicians are using it to justify destructive taxes and regulations that rip more money out of our pockets.

The environment is just the latest excuse being used by corrupt elites who would use any reason possible to steal more of our money.

That’s why, if you know anybody who thinks the Paris Accord is actually about the environment, I urge you to show them the video included below.

In the video, Environmentalist Bjorn Lomborg explains that even if every country perfectly reached all of their targets under the Paris Climate Accord (which nobody believes will happen), they would still only achieve 1% of what some say is the necessary change. Lomborg effectively destroys all the messaging around the accord, exposing it for the fraud that it is.

This video will change some minds. It can help reduce support for the Paris Climate accord by exposing it for what it really is. Show it to some people who think the accord is actually about the environment, and help get the truth out there.

Spencer Fernando

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