ELITES: Trudeau Gives $36.2 Million In Taxpayer Money To Formula 1 Race

The federal government is running massive budget deficits. Our country has serious problems, including underfunded infrastructure, poverty, and millions of forgotten citizens.

So, what does our “wise” federal leadership decide to spend $36.2 million of our money on?

A Formula 1 race.

The Trudeau government is giving tens of millions of our money to “keep” the Canadian Grand Prix at the Gilles Villeneuve raceway until the year 2029.

Elites get richer

It’s absurd that taxpayer money would go to a Formula 1 race. Formula 1 is owned by Liberty Media, a massive company that reported revenue of $4.8 billion in 2015.

The Canadian Grand Prix has been called the biggest sports event in Canada. That may well be true, but that doesn’t explain why our taxpayer money should be going towards it. In fact, if it’s so big, shouldn’t it have made enough money that it doesn’t need an infusion of taxpayer dollars?

Why should such an event – part of an organization owned by wealthy elites – be getting money taken from us taxpayers who are already strapped for cash? Just look at some of the sponsors on the Formula 1 cars. Some of the biggest corporations in the world are involved in it, and yet, Trudeau thinks they need some of our money?

This is another example of the elites who control government using the power to tax in order to enrich their well-connected buddies.

Meanwhile, real problems go unsolved.

Economic lies

Those in power are also spreading one of the oldest lies in the book. They talk about all the economic benefit that the Grand Prix brings, as if that is the justification for spending tens of millions.

It’s a fallacy.

They never explain the possible benefit of that money going elsewhere, or staying in our pockets. Sure, spending money on a Grand Prix might bring in some sponsors and have what seems like a tangible benefit, but keeping that $36.2 million in taxpayers hands would create thousands of smaller transactions throughout the economy that would also bring tangible benefits.

The only problem is that those benefits would be more spread out, and wouldn’t show up on a TV screen the same way – so the government wouldn’t get credit for it.

The establishment media is both too ignorant and too closely connected to events like the Grand Prix to point out this truth, and as a result, the government keeps on taking our money and giving it to events that should the sole domain of the private sector.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Fed up with this idiotic spending of CANADIAN taxpayer money. This is NOT, I repeat NOT what Canadians want.

Mel Kozun

“…. the biggest sports event in Canada” ??? I’ve been to two Grey Cups, Stanley cup games and a World Cup Downhill. I would NEVER waste my time going Montreal for a car race.

The useless trudeaus have taken and taken an elitist who dosent give two hoots for canada. This justin kid is pure fidel hes not of any canadian character son of a commie.

Kathy Cheveldayoff

This stupidity is too insane to believe. If the libs want to support sports, what about grants to communities that need to upgrade their hockey arenas?


Ah, but, the event is in Quebec. Double-whammy against the average Canadian, and even a bit of a slap to the average Quebecer…….

Mike McAlpin

Truly unbelievable, another Liberal gift to their friends. If the Canadian Grand Prix can not generate enough of profit at Gilles Villeneuve raceway, then allow it go else. I don’t believe out tax dollars are even needed to sport the event, so did Trudeau just give them the $36.2 million to secure front row seats for him and some select other Liberal cabinet members or his buddies? The sooner this type of graft from politicians becomes illegal and they can be incarcerated for it, the better.

Brian Williams

Gosh, what a surprise what with the race course being in Quebec and all. Sure wish Super Dupe had been that generous with OUR money during/after the Alberta wildfires and more recently, the flooding in Ontario and Quebec.

Leland Lewis

The issue is that you are dealing with a large group that don’t care if the Canadian Grand Prix goes on or not, because there will be another world city ready to make an offer to get the revenue in their area. This is the way big business gets tax breaks and influxes of government money, “give it to us or we take all the money and jobs elsewhere.” Now, the other aspect that isn’t being taken into account is that by simply stating that the government is spending $36M is a way to inflame people at the cost, when… Read more »

Brenda Huxley

Thank you for explaining the bigger picture.
It never ceases to amaze me why publicist for the reigning government – do not explain this at the time … or is it simply bad reporting on the media’s part?


Your explanation is just wonderful Leland but tell me then…why do all you left wing nuts whine and cry when the government subsidizes big oil. I can assure you what they get back from big oil makes the return on this BS grand prix look like pennies.


Well said Leland Lewis. I was pissed off as well till I read your statement. Makes sense, I still hate Trudeau though.


My sentiments exactly.


Pure politics nothing more.Quebec votes for the Libnut Party.

Gisele McCormick

With 36million of taxpayer money all the taxpayers should own a share of the company! not
the Government ‘s money!


It is no small change here. It should be assumed that Canadian taxpayers now own a % of Formula 1!!! It makes me think why do we give foreign aid and instead buy assets in those countries or do some investments. China and Saudi Arabia are buying our lands, properties, oil wells, all over Canada etc. etc., they dont give us foreign aid!

Mary Hale

when is this nutcase going bye bye

Charles G. Miller

It appears that this is a sure fire way for Trudau to launder money paid to him. It will be hard to trace. DO NOT TRUST TRUDEAU.

Ana Gomes

New World Order, Nursery Rhyme one:

Baa, Baa, Black Sheep, Have you lost our wool?
No sir!!!…Yes sir…Many bags full:
36 for a Race car and 60 for the Clinton Dame,
More than 10 for a terrorist, to live on Mansion’s Lane.
And not telling more… to hide my big shame.

Ana Gomes

to live on Mansions’ Lane.( 4th line)

Don Onda

Quebec should use 36 million of the 12 billion Alberta sends them every year on equalization payments to promote formula 1

Don Onda

Quebec should use 36 million of the 12 billion Alberta sends them every year on equalization payments to promote formula 1

Malcolm Dutchak

it angers me that they are spending this money especially right now when it could help others in our country, what makes me livid is what province is he pandering to again, Quebec of course


$50 million to Mastercard, and they didn’t even ask for it. $12 million to Bombadeer for nothing except CEO bonuses.

James Smith

Where oh where is Justine hiding his kick back money?