We Must End Foreign Aid & Support The Forgotten Canadians

While we give billions to other nations, many of our own citizens are living in horrific conditions

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it, and I don’t care if it’s controversial: Foreign aid is immoral, and we need to end it.

It is simply unacceptable that we are giving taxpayer money away outside our nation when some Canadian citizens live in third world conditions.

Those horrible conditions were brought up recently in an article by Scott Gilmore in Macleans.

In the article called “The Canada most people don’t see,” Gilmore pointed out that parts of Canada – particularly Indigenous reserves – and other poverty filled areas of our nation – have “an unemployment rate worse than Sudan,” and an “infant mortality rate that is worse than Russia.”

Writes Gilmore, “Imagine your spouse is kidnapped by a violent criminal. He ties her up with electrical cords, sexually assaults her, and then stabs her. She manages to struggle free, but can’t open the door because her hands are too slippery with her own blood. Against all odds, she survives, and a year later, at the trial, the prosecutor and the judge decide to lock up your wife because they want to ensure she is available to testify. She is put in the same remand centre as the man who raped and stabbed her. They share the same van to the courthouse.”

Gilmore notes that the first incident took place in Thunder Bay, with the second taking place in Edmonton.

When the statistics for some reserves and impoverished areas are combined, the numbers are horrendous:

Says Gilmore, “Most of us don’t see that Canada. It has an unemployment rate worse than Sudan and the median income is on par with Latvia. There, the infant mortality rate is worse than Russia. The sewage systems often don’t work, and there is no fire department. Medical facilities are few and far away. Drug and alcohol addictions are rampant. TB is at epidemic levels, and the rate of HIV infection is higher than Nigeria’s. This is a Canada of broken windows in tarpaper shacks.”

These are simply brutal facts.

Gilmore’s article points out what I would call the “Forgotten Canada.” That Forgotten Canada and the ranks of the Forgotten Canadians are expanding by the day. The Forgotten Canada is ignored by those in power, and has been ignored for decades. While the government has served the banks and foreign interests, millions of our own people have been entirely abandoned by those who were supposed to serve and represent them.

We must end all foreign aid and fix our own country

Gilmore brought attention to a severe problem, and shows how pathetically the politicians have failed to do their job for our country. Of course, Gilmore still has the establishment mindset, so he didn’t fully make the jump towards an essential truth:

When our citizens are suffering, foreign aid must be stopped.

Trudeau has massively increased the foreign aid budget, which is now $10 billion per year under some estimates. Imagine all the amazing things that $10 billion could do to help the Forgotten Canadians. Think of the sewage systems, water distribution systems, firehalls, roads, and other infrastructure that could be built.

That $10 billion could change hundreds of thousands, if not millions of lives very quickly – if it was being used inside Canada.

What makes the current situation so enraging, is that we Canadian taxpayers are paying for that $10 billion. It’s our money. And yet, the government forces us to give it up, and then they take it and send it outside our nation – where it mostly goes to corrupt UN programs and foreign dictators.

That has to change. That money must be kept within our country. It needs to go towards fixing the horrendous problems so many of our own people are facing.

It’s not selfish or wrong to put our own country and our own citizens first. In fact, that’s the job of the government. Our government is called the “Canadian Government” for a reason. It’s supposed to serve Canadians, not the world.

To make that happen, there’s alot of work to do when it comes to changing public opinion. The corrupt globalist elites have successfully convinced many that we are supposed to be giving foreign aid instead of helping our own people. That’s why we need to push back.

Forcing people to pay taxes and then giving that money away to other countries is an absolute disgrace, it is immoral, and it is a betrayal of the Canadian people.

It’s time to put the Canadian people first above all other considerations. The forgotten Canadians must be remembered.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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