WATCH: 5 Minutes Of Trudeau Getting Owned In Question Period

Justin Trudeau’s mounting scandals are causing him and the government some serious problems in question period.

Trudeau’s ongoing corruption of the appointments process backfired when his pick for Official Languages Commissioner – Madeleine Meilleur – withdrew her name from consideration after mountain opposition to her appointment.

Meilleur had been a Minister in the Kathleen Wynne government, and met with top Trudeau advisers beforehand. This was despite the fact that the languages commissioner is supposed to be a non partisan position, and the government is supposed to consult the opposition on the appointment. Of course, the arrogant Trudeau government did none of those things.

In the video below, watch as Trudeau gets repeatedly owned for his corruption and dishonesty:

It’s clear that the government is desperate to distract from their attempts to corrupt our independent institutions to their own uses, and Trudeau’s pathetic talking points only make it more obvious that he has nothing of substance to say.

Yet, the humiliation suffered by the Trudeau government after the failure of Meilleur’s nomination isn’t stopping them from continuing their corrupt efforts. They are leaving many of the Parliamentary watchdog positions unfilled, in order to gain escape all accountability and subvert the government to their will.

That’s why we need to keep our eyes on what’s happening behind the scenes, because that’s where our government is being stolen from us.

Spencer Fernando

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Jan Scheit

Liberals consistently don’t answer questions. Either they are really stupid or incorrigibly corrupt.