Trudeau Government Already Hedging On Defence Spending

After the Trudeau government unveiled their new defence policy, I explained how it’s a total fraud:

In the past two years, the Trudeau government has stripped $12 billion out of future military equipment spending. Now, they promise $14 billion over the next decade – with almost all of it after the next election.This is nothing more than creative accounting, and it is a political fraud.

And yet, even I’m surprised that they’re already hedging on whether to even stick to their own plan – just days after it was unveiled.

As reported by Global News, Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan is refusing to say whether the government would stick to their plan if there was a recession.

As Sajjan told Global host Vassy Kapelos, “We can’t talk about hypothetical situations but one thing that we can do as a government is commit to the Canadian Armed Forces.”


Sajjan didn’t even give a real answer. It would have been very easy for Sajjan to simply say “yes, we are committed to funding our military no matter what.”

So, not only couldn’t the Trudeau government actually make the real investment our military needs, but they can’t even commit to their weak plan.

As many have noted, economic troubles have been used as the usual excuse for governments to cut military spending, and the Trudeau government is signalling that they use the same excuse to back out of their new plan.

This is once again further disrespect to the military. Our men and women in uniform deserve funding that is set in stone and protected against economic ups and downs. The whole point of committing to our national defence is keeping that commitment no matter what.

By failing to do that, the Trudeau Liberals are showing that their “commitment” to our military is all talk and no action.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Jason Mitchell

He won’t get re elected next term. He can promise all he wants, but his supporters know better now.


My son is in the military and they expect him to commit for 3 years and god forbid he gets deployed with old outdated equipment, but those idiots would rather give the money to other countries or immigrants. It’s disgraceful how these morons even got in and we have too get them out before we do go into a recession. Lies and deceit that’s all there good for.


Canadians are headed for a recession/depression under this government. Their phony economic results are due only to excessive spending which can’t be sustained. They are covering up the realities of the Carbon tax and the Wynn gov’t with this ridiculous spending. A gov’t should never spend like this outside of a war or recession. The military, unfortunately will take the hit. Canada is in serious trouble.