WATCH: Trudeau Government Deleted 398 Documents After Access Request

A criminal act?

It has been revealed by Opposition MP Pierre Poilievre that the Trudeau government received an Access-To-Information request at Shared Services Canada, for all documents containing the words “Liberal Party.”

However, rather than live up to their “open and transparent” talking points, it appears that the employee shared only 12 documents, while deleting a total of 398 documents.

What are they hiding? What don’t they want us to see?

Poilievre points out that deleting documents in that way would be considered a crime under the Access-To-Information Act.

In the video below, watch as Pierre Poilievre rips the Trudeau government for the deletion of files:

Government getting the bus ready

You can be certain that the Trudeau government is getting a bus ready and is preparing to throw that employee under the bus if the investigation goes forward.

However, do you really think that the employee would delete all of that info on their own without direction from anyone?

We already know the Trudeau government thinks accountability to Canadians is a waste of their time. Trudeau is already gutting the parliamentary watchdogs, and weakening the positions that would be investigating his own ethics problems.

Deleting a bunch of documents certainly seems like something that fits the MO of the Trudeau government.

This is something that is important for us to keep our eyes on. If the Trudeau government is engaged in a cover-up, that must be investigated to the fullest and the Canadian people deserve answers.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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This corrupt government has ruined Canadian in less than 2 yrs. we will never be able to get our country back. This is ” not ” what Canada wants Justine and cronies.

Louis Paquette

Oh Oh! Somebody got caught with their hand in the cookie jar??

Debbie Mattson

The Liberals took a page out Hillary Clinton’s playbook. Worked for her. When will someone say “at this point, what difference does it make?”

Wendy Gauvin

Hands have been in alot of cookie jars should have had his hands slapped along time ago along with Wynn slapped with cuffs

Craig Cameron

Killary and the corrupt Dems. in the US destroying evidence, Wynnebag wiping out hard-drives to hide evidence and now JT and his corrupt Liebrals at the Federal level hiding evidence… peas in a pod !!