Canada’s Top Ally Has Big Concerns Over Trudeau Letting China Buy Norsat

Justin Trudeau is putting the national security of Canada, the United States, and other allies at risk with his dangerous decision.

The decision by Justin Trudeau to let China-based Hytera buy Norsat, a Canadian company that counts “the U.S. Department of Defence, the U.S. Marine Corps, the U.S. Army, the Irish Department of Defence, the Taiwanese army, the aircraft manufacturing company Boeing and major journalism outfits including CBS News and Reuters,” as among their clients, is generating a massive backlash.

Not only are both the Conservatives and NDP opposing Trudeau’s move, but as you can imagine, this has the United States deeply concerned.

As reported by the Globe & Mail, a US Congressional committee has said Trudeau is willing to put the national-security interests of the United States, in what the US believes is an by Trudeau effort to obtain a free-trade deal with China.

Michael Wessel, a member of the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission said the following to the Globe and Mail:

“Canada’s approval of the sale of Norsat to a Chinese entity raises significant national-security concerns for the United States as the company is a supplier to our military. Canada may be willing to jeopardize its own security interests to gain favour with China.

Wessel now recommends that the US Military take immediate action to review their purchases from Norsat.

Betraying our country and our allies for the authoritarian Chinese regime

Trudeau’s decision to put China ahead of the United States and our western allies is incredibly disturbing, and will have serious consequences. Canada, the United States, Taiwan, and Ireland – all countries being betrayed by Trudeau’s Norsat move – are democratic nations with similar values to Canada. On the other hand, China is a ruthless authoritarian state that has a very different worldview than we do.

To distance our country from the United States, while simultaneously getting closer to China, is insanity.

China will not hesitate to buy up our entire country and deprive us of our sovereignty – but only if we allow it.

That’s why Trudeau’s actions amount to such a big betrayal of our nation and our allies. Remember, Trudeau has expressed admiration for China’s “basic dictatorship,” because it allows them to “get stuff done.”

We can no longer ignore the fact that Justin Trudeau would rather be a dictator in the style of China’s regime, rather than serve the Canadian people as a democratic leader. He is willing to sell out our nation and our people to get closer to China, and it’s not tough to imagine that Trudeau has long-term aspirations to profit from his relationship with China for a long-time after he is no longer Prime Minister.

Canadians must wake up to what is happening, and we must spread the word that Justin Trudeau clearly serves the interests of undemocratic foreign nations, at the expense of Canada and our democratic allies.

This is a dangerous moment, and only by speaking the truth clearly and consistently can we protect our nation.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Alan Skelhorne

well well, trudeau is finally playing the big leagues for all the wrong reasons, so this so called leader has completely turned his back on the usa, does he really think the usa can,t do harm to canada. my god people you all better wake up, because the country of canada will be no more.

Jill Ward

I keep telling canadians this every single day but they simply don’t give a rats ass! Canada was done the day this dictator removed our borders and border security (sovereignty) while inviting the entire globe in to live off of us while being exempt from all of our laws, none were screened, none denied entry and none removed. This will be canada’s last birthday. I choose not to capitalize the “C” in canada because Canada no longer exists as we are now merely a global territory being re-colonized and claimed by many different nations to do with as they please.


Well said Jill Ward. canada is being destroyed by this treacherous piece of crap.


more time , energy and maybe even dollars have to be spent on getting the lamebrain OUSTED….