EMAIL SCANDAL: Employee Who Deleted 398 Emails Is Liberal Riding Association President

What is the Trudeau government trying to hide from Canadians?

The Trudeau government email scandal is deepening.

Yesterday, I reported that a government employee at Shared Services Canada deleted 398 emails after receiving an Access-To-Information request for documents containing the words “Liberal Party.”

Under Access-To-Information law, that deletion is a crime.

Now, the scandal has gotten far worse for the Trudeau government

It turns out the employee who deleted the 398 emails is a Liberal Riding Association President.

What are they hiding?

This is a big deal, as it means the Trudeau government is now in a mad scramble to hide something from Canadians. And considering nearly 400 emails were deleted, that something must be huge.

It’s essential that we remember that those government records belong to us. Government workers serve Canadians, and while many do their jobs very well, this is an instance of partisanship corrupting our institutions.

As I said yesterday, we need to keep our eyes on this. It seems the Trudeau government is engaging in a cover-up, and that needs to be heavily investigated.

The opposition is not letting the government get a free pass, and they’re keeping up the heat in Question Period. In the video below, watch as MP John Brassard rips into the Trudeau government for the mass deletion:

Notice the reaction of the Trudeau government member MacKinnon. He had nothing of substance to respond with. His colleagues look concerned, and even they aren’t buying what he’s saying.

That’s how you can tell the government is scared.

So far, the elitist establishment media is giving almost zero coverage to this growing scandal. That means its up to us to get the truth out. Help share this story to spread the word of the growing corruption in the Trudeau government. Canadians need answers. We need to know what Trudeau and the government are hiding from us.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Mike Hunt

OMG – Is somebody taking cues from Hilary these days??

Sean Short

We will of course, ignore the event in the hope it goes away.


That’s is and always has been the media’s intention to minimize the liberal scandals story for a few seconds and straight into the garbage it goes. Now, if it was PMSH, well, it would be news forever amen.


‘Trump’ story is constantly in the news from sunup to sundown. The media are just in a scandal themselves to report on their liberals. Which means Spencer, you and many like you have to do the job; both on internet or on TV.
The first words out off your mouth to your listeners and viewers “HAVE YOU HEARD THIS IN THE MEDIA? and take it from there. Remember, many Canadians are brainwashed and have no clue to their surroundings unless told to them by you since the media they depend on …never will.


Could it have to do with Liberal “Pizza Parties” ?

Robert Abbott

Where are the back benchers surely they do not all support Trudeau’s actions. Back your constituents who voted for you. You know the difference between right and wrong grow some balls put an end to Trudeau’s actions


Not going to happen Robert. Those backbenchers WILL NEVER EVER go against Trudeau nor stand up to Trudeau for their constituents.


The backbenchers have all been paid off with inflated wages..they will keep ” bobbling” those heads if they want to get paid…

Susan Marit

Is anyone really surprised that the Liberals are hiding things from the people of Canada? We all know what a corrupt bunch of miscreants they are and we all know they are not above breaking laws to cover their illegal actions.


Always thank the media for keeping the liberals scandals, corruption, thievery, lies from you. They are the who stood and continue to stand by the liberals lies and disaster to Canada.
Justin may be the liberals’ pretty face to help keep them in power; to help get votes and so on . But underneath all that façade of his, is a man who supports terrorists. DON’T TRUST THAT MAN NOR HIS DARK ANGELS THE MEDIA.


Maybe the Russians will leak them during the next election.


So often the Cons let the crooked Libs off lightly. The questions should have been – Since this is a criminal act, when was the violator arrested, where are they being held and when is the case going to be held in Criminal Court? Enough of this wussy “When will the Minister – yadda – yadda ” or ask the ridiculous “Yes or no?” We needed to see things like: Since Canadians know the Minister won’t be carrying out their duties, following Liberal culture, the Opposition has assisted the Minister by calling in the RCMP and have had the person… Read more »