VIDEO: Scheer Says Conservatives Will ALWAYS OPPOSE CARBON TAX

Firm commitment by Scheer to oppose Trudeau’s carbon tax.

Andrew Scheer and Justin Trudeau faced-off in Question Period over the carbon tax.

Scheer explained that the carbon tax is killing Canadian jobs and pushing Canadian businesses into the United States as costs rise.

Trudeau pathetically tried to counter by completely ignoring the issue of Canadian jobs, and attempted to give the impression that the Paris Climate Agreement mandates a Canadian carbon tax – even though that is not the case.

Scheer wasn’t going to let Trudeau get away with that, and made clear that he would never impose a carbon tax on Canadians.

Watch the Scheer vs Trudeau exchange in the video below:

The contrast between Scheer and Trudeau is obvious. Scheer speaks clearly, declares his views, and makes his position known. By contrast, Trudeau lies, deceives, and manipulates to cover up his true agenda.

2019 can’t come fast enough.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube