CANADA FIRST: Quebecers Want Western Oil, Not Imports From Saudi Arabia

One of the best ways to tell that our country is in the clutches of a corrupt elite class is to notice the difference between the common-sense desires of the public, and the policy we end up with.

Despite the best efforts of the university elites, establishment media, and political class, Canada retains a strong current of patriotism, nationalism and pride in our country.

It is simply natural to put the interests of our own country first, and that is what the government was originally formed to do. Yet, our system has become so twisted and corrupted that the state now leeches our money away for the benefit of foreign interests.

A clear example of the contrast between the common-sense of Canadians and the policies we end up with can be found in a poll conducted by Leger. I first came across the poll after seeing it referenced in a great article by Germain Belzile in the Financial Post.

The poll asked Quebecers where they wanted to get their oil from, and the results are quite interesting:

  • 65% prefer Quebec gets their oil from Western Canada.
  • Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and Algeria – the three main countries Quebec imports oil from – get just 13% combined support.
  • 56% prefer Quebec develops their own oil resources, rather than importing.
  • 41% of Quebecers see pipelines as the safest way to transport oil, with tanker trucks, trains, and ships each garnering less than 14%.

As Michel Kelly-Gagnon, head of the Montreal Economic Institute (who commissioned the poll) said, “The results of this poll show not only that Quebecers are open to the development of oil in the province, to the use of pipelines as the safest way to transport it, and to prioritizing Western Canadian oil, but that they are more in favour of these things than they were a year ago. When it comes to future public policy decisions, politicians will have no choice but to take these facts into account.”

Trudeau moving in the wrong direction

Instead of listening to the common-sense views of Quebecers when it comes to oil, Justin Trudeau and the corrupt elites are doing the opposite. His carbon tax policies and increased regulations are damaging Canada’s oil market, making us even weaker and more dependent on Saudi Arabia and other countries for oil.

This is clearly a deliberate effort to damage our country and make us subservient to global interests. We have the power and the resources within our own nation to be energy self-sufficient and far more secure, yet Trudeau is blocking that potential growth all so foreign interests can pocket more of our money.

Us grassroots Canadians need to be tough. While most Canadians are nationalistic and patriotic at our our core, years of elitist propaganda has turned nationalism and “Country First” thinking into something that seems wrong to many people. We need to push back on that perception.

Building up our own strength and putting Canada first is not wrong. It is moral, it is justified, and it is necessary if we are to be safe and prosperous in an increasingly dangerous world.

Spencer Fernando