Canadian Patriots Reject The Violence Of The Far-Left

Those in power want nothing more than violent and extreme actions so they can take away more of our freedom. That’s why persuasion and organization is the answer.

The increasing corruption of our political system is generating increased anger across the political spectrum.

The elites are using identity politics to destroy patriotism and tear our country apart from the inside, so they can distract our citizens from the fact that we are being sold out to the highest bidder.

As a result, righteous and justified anger is growing.

The elites are scared of that anger. They know that the grassroots of our country are more motivated than ever before, and they are afraid of being held accountable for what they have done.

With that in mind, the more cynical among the corrupt elites are likely hoping for some sort of violent incident. They want to be able to label all who oppose their agenda as “extreme,” and they want to crack down on freedom of speech to silence all dissent. That’s why we must be relentless and tough in exposing the corruption of our government, and we must stand against any efforts to suppress our freedom or take away our liberty. It’s also why we Canadian Patriots have rejected the increasingly disturbing violent attitudes emanating from the left.

The violence of the deluded

Those who would use violence – like the far-left man who shot Steve Scalise and four others at the Congressional baseball practice – may be so evil and deluded that they think they are making a statement, but what they are truly doing is showing their own darkness and depravity. The surge of horrific violent images on the left, such as Kathy Griffin and the horrible Caesar play, are part of a disturbing cultural of violence among the increasingly unhinged social justice warriors.

That’s not a path we want to go down.

Our country still remains relatively free and somewhat democratic. That means change is still (barely) possible through persuasion and organization. Violence is not a solution. As opposed to the disturbing threats from the far left, patriotic Canadians know that those politicians we oppose must be removed from power, but their lives must not be put at risk. One of the great things about our country – and something we must protect – is the peaceful transfer of power.

As we have seen, the far left has become consumed with an attitude of violence and hate. Patriotic Canadians reject that rhetoric of violence. We want to see our opponents defeated and out of power, but we don’t want to see them lose their lives.

While the far-left social justice warriors lash out in unproductive rage, We will continue to build a grassroots network to push back against the establishment media and the corrupt elites, and we will be channeling our justified anger into sharing the truth and building a patriotic movement to take back our country.

Spencer Fernando

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