INSANE: Infrastructure Bank EXEMPT From Access-To-Information Laws

Canadian taxpayers will be deprived of knowing where our money is going and how it is being spent.

Yesterday, I reported on how the Canadian Senate is considering a move to split the infrastructure bank from the main budget bill. This would be a great move, as it would give more time for the public to discuss the serious dangers of the infrastructure bank.

Word has already spread about how the bank will put $35 billion of Canadian taxpayers money at risk, while giving all the rewards to the biggest banks and international finance.

Now, there is even more disturbing information.

According to Senator André Pratt – a former journalist who is pushing for more scrutiny of the infrastructure bank – the legislation creating the bank would exempt it from Access-To-Information laws.

Pratt says the legislation is written to protect projects with private banks and investment funds, since the info could be considered privileged.

This is insane.

The Trudeau government is forcing Canadians to give $35 billion in taxpayer money so international banks can profit off projects that we won’t even be able to scrutinize.

Have we ever seen such an obvious betrayal of Canadian taxpayers?

As written, the legislation puts all the risk on Canadian taxpayers, and gives all the rewards to global elites.

This is an issue beyond partisanship, and that’s why both the Conservatives and NDP have been fighting Trudeau’s infrastructure bank.

Our country is being sold out, and Canadian taxpayers are being put at serious and growing financial risk – all for the benefit of the elitist 1%.

While middle income and working class Canadians struggle, our government is tilting the system even more in favour of those who already have tremendous wealth and power.

It’s a disgrace, and it’s yet further evidence that the Trudeau government serves the elites, not the Canadian people.

Of course, that’s why the establishment media won’t give this story much attention, so it’s up to us to get the truth out to our fellow Canadians.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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