Elitist Media Deceived By Trudeau’s INTERNET TAX Manipulation

Trudeau Government MP’s are pushing for new 5% tax on broadband services, then Trudeau “opposes” it to create a manufactured positive narrative.

Many Canadian media organizations have failed to attract enough views from Canadians to ensure profitability. They put out a product, and not enough people bought it.

In a common-sense world, that would mean those companies would either adapt or go out of business.

But that’s not how the Liberal Government sees it.

They think that because you haven’t chosen to give more money to Canada’s elitist media, they’re going to make that choice for you.

A new tax on the internet

As reported by the Globe & Mail, “A Liberal-dominated committee will be calling for a 5-per-cent tax on broadband Internet services to fund Canada’s media industries, which are struggling to adapt to technological changes and evolving consumer habits, sources said.”

The money would go towards the Canadian Media Fund – taking hundreds of millions of dollars out of the pockets of Canadians and giving it to media organizations owned by billionaires and massive corporations.

The tax would be added to the 5% we already pay to the Canadian Media Fund from our cable bills.

A taxpayer-funded media bailout, and a manipulative media game

We all know that there is zero chance the Liberals on the committee proposed the tax without approval from the Prime Minister’s Office. That means Trudeau knew about it, and approved it.

Then, a few hours after news broke about the tax, Justin Trudeau said that he was “opposed” to it.

This is obviously a strategy to create a manufactured media narrative. Trudeau gets to look like the “hero” for opposing a tax idea that his own PMO approved, and his own Liberal dominated committee proposed.

Case in point: While the Liberals on the committee were pushing for the Internet Tax, the Conservatives on the committee opposed it.

Obviously, Trudeau and his government have every intention of bringing in a new tax to fund the elitist media. If they don’t do it one way, they will find another way to do it. They will bury it deep in a huge omnibus bill or they will add on to another tax. One way or another, as long as Trudeau is in power his government will continue to take more of our money and give it to the elites – including the elitist establishment media.

The media fell for it big time, as Trudeau is now getting positive coverage for “opposing” something his own party put forward.

The manipulation is obvious, but the elites are totally going along with it.

An insult to Canadians

Regardless of Trudeau pretending to “oppose” the tax his own party put forward, it is clearly the direction the government is going in. What makes the proposal so insulting, is that the Canada Media fund already gave out $371.7 million in 2015-2016. The elitist media has done so badly with that money – and all the billions more in revenue they bring in – that they want to take even more from us.

A comment on a story about this new tax summed it up well:

“So they want us to pay more for stuff we DO watch to pay for stuff we DONT watch.”

Internet Tax will damage the economy

Not only would the Internet Tax steal our money and give it to elitist media, it would also damage our economy. As former CBC & Telefilm executive Richard Stursberg said to the Globe & Mail, “This is not a viable or desirable option. Further taxing of ISPs would raise the cost of service and slow the deployment of high-speed networks. This seems unwise on economic as well as cultural grounds.”

Oppose The Liberal Internet Tax

The Liberal Internet Tax to bail out the elitist media is an absolute disgrace. It’s bad for the economy. It takes from struggling taxpayers to fund media owned by some of the wealthiest people in the country. And it sends a dangerous message that the government should decide what we are supposed to watch, instead of us being able to make our own choices.

That’s why we need to send the message that we will not accept such a tax, either now, or when the Trudeau Liberals try to sneak it through in some other deceptive way.

Click the link below to contact your Member of Parliament, and send them a message that you demand they oppose an Internet Tax now, and whenever the Trudeau government tries to implement it again.

Contact Your MP

Spencer Fernando


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