HIDING: Trudeau PMO Refuses To Reveal Highest Paid Staff

More Trudeau Transparency

It was reported yesterday that 13 staff members in the Prime Minister’s Office make between $150,000 and $350,000 per year – all of it paid for by us taxpayers.

As more and more questions are being asked, the Trudeau government – which was supposed to be “the most open and transparent” in history – is refusing to release the names of those living large on the taxpayer’s dime.

They’re hiding that info from the Canadian people.

According to reports, the Prime Minister’s Office is saying that “privacy laws” prevent them from naming who is making the top salaries.

Of course, that’s a BS excuse.

Many provinces regularly share top staff salary figures with the public – which is how it should be, since the public is paying for all of it.

Crack down on PMO salaries and make them public

The Prime Minister’s Office has the power to set salaries at whatever they want, and they are not required to share who gets all that money. And yet, even in Ontario, those top level salaries have to be reported by the government every year in the “sunshine list.”

The Canadian people should not have to put up with our Prime Minister’s Office being able to pay themselves whatever they want. It’s a total disgrace, and it’s an insult to taxpayers.

That’s why we must crack down on PMO salaries, and make sure the public always has the right to know how much we are paying for those who are supposed to be serving us.

Of course, Trudeau will never do that. He sees himself as a king above all of us, and he feels entitled to our money. Unfortunately, the system lets him get away with it.

That’s a mistake Andrew Scheer must fix. It’s a perfect opportunity for him to show true respect for Canadian taxpayers, and make clear that our government will no longer look at us an endless money pit.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Skeezix1000


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