WATCH: Trudeau LIES Repeatedly About Endangering National Security

In Question Period, Justin Trudeau repeatedly lied about endangering our national security and the security of our allies by letting China buy Norsat.

As I’ve reported, the sale has deeply disturbed national security experts in Canada, and our allies in the United States.

Michael Wessel of the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission said, “Canada’s approval of the sale of Norsat to a Chinese entity raises significant national-security concerns for the United States as the company is a supplier to our military. Canada may be willing to jeopardize its own security interests to gain favour with China.”

And Michael Byers, a professor at the University of British Columbia said, “I find this incomprehensible because it is so clearly involves cutting-edge technology as well as Canada’s most important security alliance. We have a Canadian company that is building satellite receivers for essentially the most advanced satellite system operated by NATO and the Chinese takeover of that company is not being subject to a national-security review.”

The facts on this are clear: Trudeau is letting China buy Norsat WITHOUT a national security review. And yet, Trudeau has been repeatedly lying about this fact.

In Question Period, he was caught repeatedly saying the “process was followed,” despite all the evidence to the contrary.

Trudeau is flat-out lying. The process for such a dangerous deal is supposed to include a full National Security Review. The China-Norsat deal did not have such a review. That means the process was not followed.

In the video below, watch as Trudeau lies repeatedly to try and avoid the obvious conclusion that he is endangering our national security:

Selling us out to China

Trudeau can try hiding behind all the talking points in the world, but that doesn’t change the disturbing truth:

Justin Trudeau is selling us out to China.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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