Gas Stations In Canada Should Label Fuel By Country Of Origin

We deserve to know exactly where our gasoline is coming from.

During a discussion on Twitter about how to support Canadian oil through gasoline purchases, @Lots_Of_Fun_69 shared this great thought:

Full credit to Lots_Of_Fun_69. It’s a brilliant idea, and one that should be mandatory at all gas stations across all of Canada.

Food products, clothes, and almost everything else is labelled by country of origin, and gasoline should be no exception.

The labels shouldn’t be tiny either, they should be big and obvious. This would give the Canadian people a chance to boycott oil from foreign countries – or at least from the worst of the worst like Saudi Arabia.

It’s absolutely outrageous that we are importing oil when we have such massive amounts of it here at home.

Lots_Of_Fun’s suggestion is something that our politicians should follow. It’s time for our government to listen to those who actually work and keep our country going, instead of doing the bidding of the corrupt elites who want us to be dependent on foreign nations.

We need to support our country and buy Canadian.

Spencer Fernando

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Yvette Loke

I totally agree with this. We, as Canadians should be able to choose which oil we buy and which country we support. I would buy Canadian oil even if cost a bit more. Andrew Scheer recommended this awhile back. Its a great idea.


Country of origin labeling makes perfect sense and completely support this. I would prefer to support Canadian oil and gas over other countries because I work in the industry and, more importantly, I’m a patriot.


my vote is DEFINITELY …


Great idea! I know Petro-Canada and Irving sell canadian oil. All Esso, Ultramar, Shell, Marathon all Saudi oil.