POLL: Canadians OPPOSE Media Bailout

As the Trudeau government thinks of new ways to steal our money and give it to wealthy media elites, a new poll shows a clear majority of Canadians oppose bailing out the media.

The poll conducted by Abacus Data asked the following question: “Do you think the federal government has a responsibility to do something to make sure there are strong local media serving communities across Canada, or do you think this is not an area where government should get involved?”

56% of Canadians said there should be no government involvement, while 44% said the federal government has the responsibility to do something.

Even though the question is clearly skewed towards generating pro-bailout answers, a majority of respondents in every province opposed bailing out the media. Even in Canada’s urban centres, a majority opposed a media bailout, with the exception of Montreal, where a bare majority of 51% want the government to get involved.

Conservatives were the most opposed, with 64% against any federal involvement, followed by the Liberals with 55% opposed. Among the NDP, 51% support federal involvement, while 49% are against it.

Conservatives should campaign against taxpayer funded media bailout

With a clear majority of Canadians opposing a bailout of the media elites, the Conservatives need to make this a big issue ahead of the election. The Trudeau government is certainly planning to take our money and give it to the media, as they are terrified of the growth of independent journalists and the ability of people to bypass the establishment message through social media.

Even with a majority of Liberal voters opposing a media bailout, we can be sure Trudeau will do it anyway. He doesn’t listen to anyone, not even those who supported him.

That’s why the Conservatives need to make this an issue. They need to be clear in opposing any bailout of the media elites, and instead show respect for the choices Canadians make in our media consumption.

This is a chance for the Conservatives to take a strong stand against excessive government intervention, and for all Canadians to speak out for our right to choose what we watch and what we pay for, rather than having an arrogant central government make that decision for us.

Read the full poll here

Spencer Fernando


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