Sweden’s Massive Surge In Jihadists Shows Danger Of Open-Door Policies

A while back, Sweden’s politicians were laughing at those who said they had a problem with terrorism. That laughter has disappeared.

The horrific attack in Stockholm – where an Islamist terrorist mowed down pedestrians – killing 5 and injuring 15 – was a brutal wake-up call for the country.

Now, a new report shows that Sweden’s open door policies have resulted in a massive surge of Islamist extremists, putting the nation at serious risk.

According to the chief of SAPO – Sweden’s intelligence agency, the number of Jihadists in Sweden has increased from 200 in 2010, to thousands.

Disturbingly, the chief seems to have a passive attitude, saying “this is the new normal.”

“We would say that the number has gone from hundreds to thousands now,” said chief Anders Thornberg.

“This is the new normal,” he said, adding “It is a historic challenge that extremist circles are growing.”

As if it is some consolation, Thornberg said that only “a few” of those thousands could carry out an attack. Does Thornberg not realize that it only takes “a few” to cause horrific suffering and death?

Huge rise in threats

As the open door policy continues, Sweden has seen a huge rise in potential threats. The number of warnings of possible terrorist activity have increased from 2,000 a month in 2012, to a whopping 6,000 a month in the present day.

That is a massive level of risk.

A warning on the danger of open door policies

While “leaders” across Europe, and here in Canada, open their borders to gain positive headlines in the global elite media, they are putting their citizens at risk.

And yet, those leaders continue bowing down to political correctness, and refuse to even acknowledge that Islamist terrorism is a threat.

More and more people are brought in from the most dangerous parts of the world, and the elites don’t even expect new arrivals to adhere to a common set of national values.

Compassion is one thing. But bringing in tens and even hundreds of thousands of people year after year after year from the middle east has clearly created a dangerous situation in much of Europe. All the political correctness in the world can’t obscure that fact.

Even worse is the total disregard for the safety of citizens – who are the people national governments are supposed to be serving. For example, if Sweden knows there are thousands of Jihadists in their country, why have they not deported or detained them?

And why has our government here in Canada – knowing that there are Jihadists who have fought for ISIS and are trying to come back – refused to block them from returning?

It’s absolutely insane to be aware of people who have been indoctrinated by ISIS – which makes them enemies of the nation – and yet refuse to arrest them. Letting Jihadists walk free is a betrayal of all those citizens who abide by the law and wish only to live in safety and security.

Canada must learn from the lessons of what is happening in Sweden. Ignoring our borders and refusing to remove Jihadists from our country is a disaster waiting to happen, and every moment we delay, the danger grows even worse.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

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