VIDEO: Opposition Rips Trudeau For Corrupt China Deal

Despite big concerns, the Trudeau government let China’s Anbang Insurance buy the largest assisted-living provider in British Columbia.

Many were opposed to the deal, in large part because Anbang has an extremely secretive ownership structure in China. It is so secretive, it’s tough to figure out who actually owns the company.

Trudeau ignored those fears, and once again sold us out to China.

Now, those fears have been fully vindicated.

As I reported yesterday, the Chairman of Anbang Insurance Wu Xiaohui, has been arrested by the Chinese government on suspected corruption charges. Banks in China are being told to stop selling Anbang’s products. Anbang is now facing serious existential risk, and may end up being directly taken over by the Chinese Communist state.

Not only are there massive corruption allegations surrounded Anbang, but they also immediately kicked a bunch of Canadian seniors out of their homes once they took over the assisted-living provider.

It’s an absolute disaster, and it shows the danger of letting China buy out our country piece by piece.

Canadians are not happy about what’s happening. In Question Period, both the Conservatives and NDP ripped Trudeau for this corrupt deal. Watch below:

Trudeau’s answers are weak and pathetic. He has no justification for betraying Canadians and selling us out to China, so he tries to pin all the responsibility on BC, even though his government approved the deal.

It’s a total disgrace.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Have we ever met anyone so arrogantly naive and darn right STUPID

Case Vandenberg

Exactly like Pierre Senior,


AND THIS IS exactly why he thinks he can take days off from the House….cause nothing needs watching, supervising , checking, maintaining, accounting for …just like a little kid who leaves all of the resonsible, difficult and needed stuff to his parents…..never was such a lamebrain born who thought he could govern , manage and lead….


Typical Trudeau…passes the buck. Wait until the company goes bankrupt and all the seniors are without a home. Who in their right mind sells something like this to a shoddy foreign company? Oh right…our own corrupt PM Trudeau.


The Trudeay government should be charged with treason to the free world!!!!

Sheila Robillard

I just cannot watch this type of behaviour any more. Trudeau must go in 2019 or sooner if we can find a way to oust him. What a joke. Oh , and I guess he cannot find a barber to do his hair anymore, he looks so disheveled all the time now.


he is truly disgusting …oh and about the disheveled hair …eh ..he thinks he is sexy and he… knows who he is ….is that not a convincing and comforting thought for his ” subjects ” ???

Case Vandenberg

You re right Sheila. I cant stand watching this silver spooned imbecile anymore, without wanting to throw up. The worst PM Canada has had to date. His arrogance and self centeredness may end up taking him down.


The only bigger dummies are the folks who voted this drama coach into power … how’s it working for you so far … ???


He reads quite well, too bad he can’t think and talk at the same time like any normal adult! Reading the same prepared statement 3 or 4 times to answer different questions shows a true lack of intelligence! The lad is just plain stupid! Sure glad I didn’t vote for the idiot and his Band of Merry Morons!


stupid AND ARROGANT …the arrogance makes him deceptively self confident …a new kid on the block ( getting really old, though ) with a brand new credit card and no payback plan ….the moronic liberal voters keep him well stocked with pink socks …

Conny Meekison

How is it that Trudeau can act like a ‘lone wolf’ and nothing he does is stopped by the Senate and Congress?
Trump gets stopped at just about every turn he makes?


my question exactly ….. if you ever watch debates in the House , a real comedy of errors …I think the whole ridiculous zoo should be overhauled …seems like a stageplay for the public

steve dion

Comical how the Honorable boy keeps reading from the same paper in hand. My guess it is in crayon.