Alexandre Trudeau’s Disturbing China Views

As Justin Trudeau keeps selling us out to China, many have wondered why he is so determined to do China’s bidding, even at the expense of our national security, and the national security of our allies.

While there are many potential reasons, one clear possibility is that it’s based upon an ideology that runs in his family.

Case in point: The disturbing China views of Justin Trudeau’s younger brother, Alexandre.

Alexandre Trudeau has travelled to China a few times, and subsequently wrote a book about his view on that country, and on Canada. Here are some examples of what he said during his promotional efforts for the book, collected from various sources:

He called Canada a “confused follower nation,” and said his brother could potentially fix that by building a “unique” relationship with China.

He said Pierre told him and his brother that “The Chinese see us as barbarians; often, you’re giving them reason to do that.”

He totally glossed over China’s human rights record of jailing & disappearing journalists, forced abortions, censorship, “purging” dissidents, suppressing dissent, saying, “People in Canada see China through an overly political prism, and people jump to the conclusion that it must be an unhappy place. On the contrary, China is not this at all. Politics in China is for those very few people in China who do politics. For most people, they view their current government as just another dynasty.”

Most disturbingly, he thinks some of our freedoms in the West are “irresponsible,” saying, “From China, it’s much easier to understand the West. I now look at our own freedoms with a little more circumspection and consider some of the irresponsible nature of some of the freedoms we enjoy. I think China has a lot to say, especially Old China.”

Interestingly, he didn’t elaborate on which freedoms he doesn’t think we should “enjoy” here in Canada.

Moral relativism

Alexandre Trudeau shows the same kind of disturbing moral relativism Canadians are seeing in the Trudeau government. Severe repression and the denial of individual liberty in China is just seen as a “different view.”

And even worse, it seems both Alexandre and Justin have as much – if not more – affinity for China’s form of government and repressive social structure than they do for Canada’s tradition of freedom. That attitude explains Alexandre’s comments, and they explain Justin Trudeau’s comment that he “admires China’s basic dictatorship because it allows them to get stuff done.”

In turn, all of that explains why Justin Trudeau has no problem selling out our interests to China. Disturbingly, we have to face the fact that he may see China as more worthy of advanced military technology than we are here in Canada. He may see China’s society as better than ours. He may think that China’s “efficiency” is admirable and far superior to Canada – even when the price of that efficiency is brutal repression.

And it may all run in his family.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Rick Churchill

This is the view of the “leadership” and Liberal/Left alliance in our country and helps explain the destruction of our heritage and democratic principles. Trudeau will not be happy until he turns us into the “enlightened dictatorship” of his dreams.


“He may think that China’s “efficiency” is admirable and far superior to Canada – even when the price of that efficiency is brutal repression.”

Trudeau wishes to be a dictator who would happily get rid of opposition to his secret agenda by simply having Canadians disappear. Examples of his early steps are the pictures of the sharia compliant RCMP and the High River gun grab.


It DOES run in his family. I sent a tweet only a short time ago where I said Trudeau’s brother Alexandre is worse than Trudeau if you can believe that. For heaven’s sake, the whole family all the way back to Pierre and maybe further, have been really close friends to the Castro’s. Trudeau & his brother love those leaders because they, the Trudeau brothers, want to be dictators so they can run things their way because they really do think they know better than stupid Canadians. Rather than try to make Canada a Communist state, why don’t they just… Read more »


Well said!!!


Canada is doomed!

Mike Neilson

Liberal Globalism has got to be stopped. The Truedope family has run it’s Agenda and course far too long. Get them to hell and gone.


Trudeau is a dictator. If you watch a recent CTV broadcast, PM Trudeau is being questioned about when he is going to balance the budget. You should see his aggressive in your face response when he was being challenged. His reaction tells all and people should see it. As a side! I had to laugh how he thinks building transit creates businesses.