The Betrayal Of Alberta’s Oil Workers Must End

The Oil Sands Advisory Group needs to be disbanded

Considering the massive role the oil sands play in the prosperity of Alberta, and all of Canada, you would think those in power would do everything they can to expand oil production.


In one of the dumbest and most destructive nanny-state proposals in recent memory, the Alberta NDP brought in the Oil Sands Advisory Group. As described in the Financial Post, it’s a group that decides how to “how to ration greenhouse gas emissions from the oilsands so the sector doesn’t exceed a now legislated 100-megatonne a year limit.”

The Financial Post notes that some members of the group actually wanted to “shut it down,” – stopping all oil sands production. That is immensly stupid.

The advisory group has set out severe restrictions on the sector, which are set to cancel new projects in later stages, constrain existing projects, and then cut the 100 megatonne limit to ensure “rapid de-carbonization,” meaning the end of oil production itself.


Workers betrayed

The fact that the Alberta NDP government would even consider the Oil Sands Advisory Board – let alone actually create it – is a betrayal of Alberta’s oil sands workers.

Considering the immense role the oil sands play in Canada’s prosperity, policies restricting production hurt all Canadians in one way or another.

If the Alberta NDP think they will somehow get their precious “social license” from these terribly restrictive nanny-state policies, they need to think again. In fact, the Financial Post reported that two of the people on the advisory board, Karen Mahon and Tzeporah Berman, “Both advocated against the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion while getting paid to be members of the group.”

That’s right. The Alberta NDP actually paid anti-oil sands activists who were trying to shut down parts of the very industry that keeps Alberta’s economy going.

That’s almost too dumb to even respond to.

Government should be supporting the oil sands

This attitude of seeking “social license,” – which is a term without tangible meaning – is a fools errand. Anti-oil extremists won’t ever accept any projects. They want the oil industry destroyed and they want all the oil sands workers to lose their jobs.

The law, not “social license,” decides which projects get approved. The Alberta NDP are biting the hand that feeds Alberta and much of Canada. The destructiveness of NDP policies is difficult to overstate, as they are simultaneously running massive budget deficits while damaging the industry necessary to bring in more revenues.

The betrayal of Alberta’s oil workers must come to an end. The NDP and their big-government ideology must be defeated, and common sense must prevail. Workers, and all Canadians, deserve no less.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

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