The NDP Has Abandoned Working Class Canadians

At one time, the NDP could have credibly claimed to be the party of working class Canadians. They advocated for a more nationalistic economic approach, warned of problems with global trade deals, and pushed back against the interests of global corporations.

As a result, the NDP regularly won the votes of working class Canadians, establishing a base among the blue-collar workers who keep our country going.

That is no longer the case.

The ongoing federal NDP leadership race is clear evidence that the NDP has fully abandoned working class Canadians, and now serves the globalist environmentalist agenda.

There was a time when the NDP wanted pipelines and refineries and factories to be built across our nation. They understood that the best thing way to stand up for working Canadians was to create more opportunities for people to work. They focused on building real and tangible infrastructure that would create well-paying jobs for hundreds of thousands of workers.

But now, the NDP has abandoned that type of thinking.

Now, they are fully subservient to an agenda crafted by the world’s largest corporations, banks, and political elites. While there may be moments where individual NDP members or MP’s conjure up a remnant of their working class heritage, the party as a whole now supports policies that are devastating to working Canadians.

The irony is that the NDP leadership candidates actually have a few (emphasis on “few”) good ideas. Niki Ashton for example has proposed tougher restrictions on foreign takeovers, ending “corporate giveaways,” and taking a harder line on global trade deals.

Yet, those ideas are vastly overshadowed by the massive tax increases and draconian environmental approaches being taken by Ashton, and all the other NDP leadership contenders.

With Jagmeet Singh now declaring that he is against both the Kinder Morgan and Energy East Pipelines, all five NDP leadership contenders are now against all the pipelines. Singh also wants to reduce emissions to 30% of 2005 levels by the year 2025. That’s five years earlier than Canada’s current targets.

Any good that some NDP policies could do for workers will be totally ruined by the severe economic damage their extreme environmental agenda would bring.

The bitter irony is that even as the NDP claims to be fighting the power of global corporations, they are actually serving the corporate agenda. It’s no coincidence that the biggest banks and corporations are supporting severe economic restrictions in the name of “climate change.” Those restrictions suppress competition, and concentrate power in the hands of politicians – rather than expanding consumer choice and competition. Since big companies are already powerful, and since they already own the politicians, they have everything to gain from restricting growth and stopping future competitors from rising up.

Those global corporations don’t care that working people are being crushed in our economy. In fact, they keep pushing for massive amounts of new immigration every year which further dilutes the earning power of each working Canadian. The globalist environmental and social agenda serves global corporate power, and the NDP is unwittingly serving that agenda as well.

Further, the NDP’s high tax agenda would push jobs and wealth out of Canada, leaving all Canadians – except the politicians, CEO’s, and Bankers – much poorer.

An opportunity for the Conservatives

As I’ve said before, the upcoming political battle will be between Canadian Patriots and the Globalists. That is a battle the Conservatives cannot win unless they have working Canadians on their side. That means merging a low tax, small government agenda with policies to protect Canadian workers and Canadian companies. The interests of global corporations are not the same interests of Canadian workers, and if the Conservatives are seen as siding with corporations, they will lose.

The unfortunate truth is that there is no longer much of a global free market left. Globalist banks and corporations have gained such control over governments that true competition is now increasingly a thing of the past. “Free trade” now involves handing over national sovereignty to foreign governments and foreign companies, while the “free flow of people” involves dissolving borders and leaving our nations vulnerable.

The Conservatives must grasp the difference between a free market within our borders, and the manipulated market outside our borders. Within Canada, taxes should be low, trade should be free and fair, and economic choices should be left to local communities and individuals. But when it comes to the global market, we must take action to protect our businesses and workers. For example, we should not let foreign companies and foreign countries buy up all of our businesses – like China is doing now. We must protect Canadian ownership and Canadian control of our economy. We must also build a stronger domestic economy, including investments in infrastructure, a much stronger military, pipelines, and refineries.

Merging low taxes and pro-worker policies can create an electoral coalition that takes votes from both the NDP and the Liberals. The NDP have may have abandoned Canadian workers, but that doesn’t mean Canadian workers no longer want good Canadian jobs. The Conservatives have an opportunity to reshape the political spectrum and put the interests of Canadian workers first. It’s an opportunity they must seize as soon as possible.

Spencer Fernando

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