REPORT: Plot To Oust Theresa May If She Fails On “Hard Brexit”

According to reports, the UK Conservative Party is plotting to oust Theresa May if she gives in to pressure to water-down the approach to Brexit.

As reported by the Telegraph, top Eurosceptic MP’s have said “they are prepared to mount an immediate leadership challenge if Mrs May deviates from her original plan.”

Those MP’s say that any hint that May plans to keep the UK in the European Union customs union & single market, in addition to giving the European Court of Justice any influence over the UK justice system would lead to May’s ouster. They described it as an “overnight coup.”


This situation is incredibly ironic. Theresa May called the election to “strengthen her hand in Brexit negotiations.” She put her majority at risk to get an even bigger majority and create more “stability.”

Instead, she got just the opposite. Her hand in Brexit negotiations is now dramatically weakened, and her parliamentary majority has been lost.

UK must remain strong on Brexit

The European Union is a bureaucratic and increasingly authoritarian mess. The UK did the right thing by taking back their independence and voting to leave.

The United Kingdom must remain strong and refuse any backsliding on Brexit. The EU is now trying to overturn the democratic vote of the British people – with some in Germany calling for a total reversal of Brexit. They will keep piling on more pressure, and that pressure needs to be resisted.

The people of the UK still want Brexit. In fact, a recent YouGov poll shows that a full 70% of UK voters want the government to go forward with Brexit. 44% directly support Brexit, while 26% did not support it but believe the government must honour the vote.

Additionally, the largest number of respondents – 43% – want their government to continue the “hard Brexit” approach.

It is clear that if Theresa May wants to hold onto her job for any period of time, the UK government must stick with that tough approach, and refuse to give in to the arrogant threats of the European Union.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter