GLOBALIST ECONOMY: Top 1% Will Have 50% Of All Wealth By 2021

The elites will blame the “free market,” but this is the consequence of big government corruption

A new report details the stunning concentration of wealth in the hands of the elites. According to Bloomberg, the 18 million wealthiest households – representing 1% of the population – currently control 45% of all wealth on earth. They have a total of $166.5 trillion.

And by 2021, that number is set to rise even further. By that time, the elite 1% will have more than half of the world’s wealth.

While the report notes that global wealth rose by 5.3% last year, most of that growth was among the tiny elite.

A “free market?”

One of the biggest frauds of our time is how the free market takes the blame for every crisis. For example, when the globalist banks nearly brought down the world economy and had to be bailed out, this was considered a failure of the “free market,” despite the fact that government backed institutions played a huge role in expanding the distorted housing market, and the fact that bailouts are the farthest thing from free market policy possible.

Of course, the globalist elites who control nearly every government can’t have people looking at the state when blame is given. So, they blame the “free market” and demand even more government power – which will only make the next crisis even more devastating.

The truth is that there is no global free market. Competition is being stripped out of our system, as global corporations rig policies and buy off politicians to do their bidding. Restrictive regulations and higher taxes impede potential competition, making it tougher for small companies to grow, while protecting the near-monopolies of the biggest firms. Global banks benefit from their domination of numerous governments, pushing policies that use taxpayer money to guarantee that the banks profit no matter what happens in the rest of the economy. And the so-called “free trade” deals often involve the dilution of national sovereignty, making governments subservient to foreign nations and foreign corporations who can sue to stop governments that try to encourage truly free competition.

The massive regulatory nanny-state we have today directly benefits those corporations and banks that have accumulated massive profits and political influence. As a result, those who are connected to those globalist corporations benefit financially and continually tweak the system to serve their own narrow interests, while the rest of us are left fighting for proverbial scraps.

As a result, the concentration of wealth increases dramatically, as working people and middle income families are more productive than ever before, yet don’t get any reward or benefit from it. In fact, when inflation is factored in, the majority of people in many countries – including here in Canada – are getting poorer every year. That’s why fewer and fewer people believe the government when they say GDP is going up and claim “the economy is doing well.” People don’t feel things getting better, so why should they listen to what the elites and the globalists say when those very elites and globalists are the ones profiting from the corrupt and rigged system?

Decentralization & True Competition

There are a few things about government that should be centralized. Particularly national defence. We need a strong and unified armed forces to protect our resources, secure our territory, and keep our citizens safe.

But beyond that, most functions of government can, and should be, decentralized.

To give more people the opportunity to create wealth, we must turn away from the path of centralization and over-regulation. We need to give more power and money back to local communities, families, and individuals. That means reducing the size of the national government, and pushing authority down to more local levels – bringing people closer to the government that is meant to serve them. Additionally, we must dramatically reduce regulations. Adult citizens are not children, and should not be treated that way. Increasing taxes and regulations are stifling the creative energy of our society, and gives those who already have power and wealth the chance to use the power of the state to crush their competitors before they can even really compete.

That’s why decentralization and reducing regulation will bring true competition, and give more of us the chance to build wealth. It will bring us closer to a real free market, and the corrupt globalist elites will be forced to fight on a more level playing field. There will still be income inequality, but that inequality would be based on merit and productivity, rather than rigging the political and regulatory system as we see today.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

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