Trudeau Has No Idea When The “Budget Will Balance Itself”

During the 2015 campaign, Justin Trudeau promised three years of “modest deficits” of under $10 billion per year.

He promised that the budget would be balanced by 2020, even expressing confidence that “the budget will balance itself.”

Now, it’s clear both of those statements were total lies.

Instead, we have endless budget deficits nearing $30 billion every year.

In an interview with Global News, Justin Trudeau was repeatedly asked to explain when the budget would be balanced.

He refused to answer, over and over again.

Instead, he said the government’s massive deficit spending would “grow the economy” in “a significant way,” despite the fact that an overwhelming majority of Canadians see their personal financial situation as stagnant or worsening.

Trudeau told Global, “We know that that’s what it’s going to do. How long that’s going to take? What kind of trajectory that is? We’ve made strong projections around that, but that’s exactly what we’re trying to do better than, and that’s our focus.”

Another bunch of meaningless words.

Nothing but lies

Trudeau’s “economic program” is based on lies and deception. Despite the massive overspending, growth remains sluggish, and any increase in GDP is being concentrated among a smaller and smaller elite. That’s why most people feel things are either stuck or getting worse. Trudeau’s policies of rising debt, increased taxes, and more economic restrictions adds to the damage being done to middle income and working class Canadians, and our rising deficits make our country much more vulnerable to potential economic shocks.

And in addition to the economic cost, Trudeau’s policies have a severe political cost. Many Canadians voted for Trudeau on the basis of trusting that he would keep deficits small. He betrayed that promise, and he betrayed millions who supported him.

In 2019, that betrayal must be dealt with by ensuring that Trudeau and his lying government suffer a massive political defeat.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

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