CRAZY: Extreme Anti-Border Activists Condemn Montreal Police For Enforcing Laws

Borders and citizenship are supposed to mean something.

There is a significant difference between legal and illegal immigration. For most of us, that difference is so obvious that it doesn’t need to be explained. But for some, particularly the “one world” globalist elites, any enforcement of borders and border laws is looked at as “oppression.”

That’s exactly the kind of language used by some extreme anti-border activists at a rally in Montreal on Sunday.

As reported by CJAD 800 AM,“Migrants and supporters are calling on the city to sever the ties between Montreal police and the Canada Border Services Agency to ensure the undocumented are not deported when trying to seek help. They also want montreal to provide additional services on top of those that are part of its status as a sanctuary city, like providing access to health care and work permits.”

This is crazy.

One extremist activist said, “On the one hand, [Montreal] calls itself a sanctuary city, and on the other hand, it cooperates with the repressive border police who are sending people back to the US as a supposed safe third country.”

As you can see, for those who want to break our laws and disrespect our borders, it will never be enough. No amount of sanctuary will appease them.

This is also the problem with sanctuary cities. After all, a country without a border isn’t a country, and if citizenship and following the law means nothing then why should anyone listen to the government at all?

There are hundreds of thousands of people waiting for the chance to immigrate to Canada. They followed the rules, and showed respect for our country by using the proper process. Giving services and sanctuary to those who broke the law and entered illegally is a huge insult to those who are using the legal process, and is a huge betrayal of actual citizens who end up paying for all the money spent on illegal immigrants.

We must protect our borders and our laws

Failing to make a distinction between legal and illegal immigrants is extreme and severely damaging to our country. Clearly, the elites want to destroy the idea of borders and national laws. We must push back against them. Our citizens, and those who respect our laws, must always be the top priority.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Sanctuary cities need to be illegal. We have borders, laws and rules, people need to abide by those. These extreme anti border activists have no right to make demands on the border police. I do not support them and this is not OK with a lot of Canadians. I don’t want illegals and perhaps criminals walking the streets of Canada. What are these people thinking. Canada is not a sanctuary country. Oh my god it’s like people have gone crazy with stupidity.


“Oh my god it’s like people have gone crazy with stupidity.” -Clearly referring to Liberals and Mr. Trudeau


Welcome to the logic of liberals … who don’t really have any.
As has been said: “liberalism is a mental disorder” … that’s really all you need to remember.


The liberals and the left must be generally atheists. If they had read the Bible, they would know that having borders is paramount to peace and order. Otherwise, the state of affairs becomes THE BABEL TOWER. Perhaps we should ask the liberals and the left to OPEN THEIR HOMES TO ANYONE day or night and let’s see what happens. Let’s see if they promote no borders.