HORRIBLE: Immigration Minister Compares Tweet To Brutal Domestic Violence

Horrendous false equivalency from Minister Ahmed Hussen

Last week I wrote about the story of a Syrian refugee – Mohamad Rafiawho brutally beat his wife with a hockey stick – and then claimed he didn’t know that beating his wife was illegal in Canada.

Shockingly, Rafia didn’t even get any jail time from the pathetic “justice” system.

The case has generated growing outrage among Canadians, with many wondering how Rafia could possibly could claim not to know his terrible crime was illegal.

Kellie Leitch responds

Kellie Leitch, Member of Parliament and a former Conservative Party leadership candidate who ran on emphasizing Canadian values including the rights of women, tweeted her criticism of Trudeau’s Syrian refugee program:

Leitch was referencing a great article by Candice Malcolm in the Toronto Sun.

Some didn’t like the tweet, and heavily criticized Leitch – most likely far more strongly than they ever criticized the man who beat his wife.

And then, Ahmed Hussen – Canada’s Immigration Minister – said this in an interview with the Globe & Mail:

“It’s [domestic violence] clearly something that we abhor and we condemn. What Ms. Leitch is doing is equally reprehensible because she’s tying in a problem that exists everywhere – both in refugee communities and in … our society. This is a problem that many societies grapple with. She’s tying that in with our refugee policy.”


“Equally reprehensible?”

Hussen thinks domestic violence is the same as a tweet?

What the hell is he talking about?

That is an absolutely awful statement from Hussen. The worst part is the “equally reprehensible” line. He is saying that Kellie Leitch’s tweet is equally as bad as a man viciously beating his wife with a hockey stick for 30 minutes until the stick was full of blood.

Does Hussen really thing people are that stupid? Does he really think people don’t realize that the treatment of women is far worse in the Middle East – including Syria – than it is in Canada?

His statement should be disqualifying.

The problem is not with him disagreeing with Leitch’s tweet. The problem is with him comparing a tweet to a horrific act of domestic violence.

It is an absolute disgrace, and it is deeply disturbing.

There is simply no moral equivalency between those two things, and Hussen should certainly know better than to ever compare them. It seems in his ruthless zeal to score partisan political points, he has totally abandoned his moral compass.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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We are going to have to ask our courts to STOP BREAKING THE LAW. The courts by not punishing this outrageous act ARE ENCOURAGING IT. On the contrary, offenders like this man have to be punished more harshly than a Canadian so this kind of acts do not happen again. This man has to be made an example to all the other immigrants that use this behaviour that it will NOT BE TOLERATED. This act was committed by the worst type of offenders out there, immigrants or not. DOUBLE STANDARDS HAVE NO PLACE IN THE APPLICATION OF THE LAW and… Read more »

If he was SO bereft of how to treat his wife, meaning his culture was that violent and toxic, how did he get past the immigration process. Are they telling us nothing of the sort was discussed during any of his intake? It seems that each and every refugee from this day forward should have to sit through a solid week of “Don’t beat your wife and children” seminars.

stojan slaven

When I see who the minister is (visually) and read his name, it is too enough to me


Great comment. I agree Christine.

Andrew the Celt

What’s reprehensible is that he received no jail time after pleading ignorance of the law.
Can the “Honourable” Immigration Minister explain why there’s a double standard surrounding violent crimes committed by refugees?
Does anyone believe for a second than a person born & raised in Canada would be given such leniency?


I’d like to know Canada allows immigrants into this country without briefing them on our laws. That makes absolutely no sense.

Yvette Loke

While I totally agree with all comments thus far, one thing to remember is that the wife in question would have to press charges against her husband and from what I’ve seen so far, she would be too afraid to do that. He might even kill her. When it comes to domestic abuse, in Canada, the abused party must press charges before the law can be involved.

Sherri Emery

Apparently, that has changed and now these supposed gentlemen are more interested in protecting Justin’s refugee program from any criticism, even if it means shaming a pair of women that speak up about a man beating his wife with a hockey stick.


Pity she wasn’t able to retaliate. If did she probably be in worse trouble than her husband.


Hello, thank you for addressing this tragedy. I believe the ‘victim’ of a domestic assault ONLY has to connect with Police to report incident – and it is the Police who then are the ones who file the applicatble criminal charges against the accused, assalant. The victim is then subpoenaed to appear in court to testify at the trial as a witness for Crown Prosecutors (who serve all the communities best interest, Crown Prosecutors are NOT the victims lawyer), but do represent the victim and have all the evidence the police have provided from the incident to provide against the… Read more »