HORRIBLE: Immigration Minister Compares Tweet To Brutal Domestic Violence

Horrendous false equivalency from Minister Ahmed Hussen

Last week I wrote about the story of a Syrian refugee – Mohamad Rafiawho brutally beat his wife with a hockey stick – and then claimed he didn’t know that beating his wife was illegal in Canada.

Shockingly, Rafia didn’t even get any jail time from the pathetic “justice” system.

The case has generated growing outrage among Canadians, with many wondering how Rafia could possibly could claim not to know his terrible crime was illegal.

Kellie Leitch responds

Kellie Leitch, Member of Parliament and a former Conservative Party leadership candidate who ran on emphasizing Canadian values including the rights of women, tweeted her criticism of Trudeau’s Syrian refugee program:

Leitch was referencing a great article by Candice Malcolm in the Toronto Sun.

Some didn’t like the tweet, and heavily criticized Leitch – most likely far more strongly than they ever criticized the man who beat his wife.

And then, Ahmed Hussen – Canada’s Immigration Minister – said this in an interview with the Globe & Mail:

“It’s [domestic violence] clearly something that we abhor and we condemn. What Ms. Leitch is doing is equally reprehensible because she’s tying in a problem that exists everywhere – both in refugee communities and in … our society. This is a problem that many societies grapple with. She’s tying that in with our refugee policy.”


“Equally reprehensible?”

Hussen thinks domestic violence is the same as a tweet?

What the hell is he talking about?

That is an absolutely awful statement from Hussen. The worst part is the “equally reprehensible” line. He is saying that Kellie Leitch’s tweet is equally as bad as a man viciously beating his wife with a hockey stick for 30 minutes until the stick was full of blood.

Does Hussen really thing people are that stupid? Does he really think people don’t realize that the treatment of women is far worse in the Middle East – including Syria – than it is in Canada?

His statement should be disqualifying.

The problem is not with him disagreeing with Leitch’s tweet. The problem is with him comparing a tweet to a horrific act of domestic violence.

It is an absolute disgrace, and it is deeply disturbing.

There is simply no moral equivalency between those two things, and Hussen should certainly know better than to ever compare them. It seems in his ruthless zeal to score partisan political points, he has totally abandoned his moral compass.

Spencer Fernando


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