LIAR: Trudeau Officially Breaks “Open Government” Promise

The list of lies and broken promises from Trudeau is too long to count

For some time, it has been obvious that Justin Trudeau had no intention of keeping his promise of the most “open & accessible” government ever.

Now, that promise has officially been broken.

The Trudeau government has unveiled their long-awaited access-to-information reforms, and they have conspicuously abandoned a key promise from the 2015 campaign.

During the election Trudeau promised to apply the Access to Information Act to the Prime Minister’s Office and Cabinet Ministers.

However, the updated act does not include that change. The government is refusing to live up to their promise. As a result, the PMO and Cabinet Minister’s will remain out of reach of the Access to Information Act.

Rather than keep their promise, the government says they will “proactively” release more information. Of course, “proactive” means nothing, and it doesn’t change the fact that they broke their promise big time.

Making access even worse

It’s bad enough that the Trudeau government broke their promise. However, additional changes to the Access to Information Act make it even worse.

A new rule will let the Information Commissioner deny complaints by those who had their access request denied, or think the information they asked for wasn’t provided to them.

Trudeau’s arrogant & autocratic attitude

The Trudeau government has pulled off a huge bait & switch. After promising greater access, they broke the promise and clamped down further, making it tougher for the public to get info about what the government (that we pay for) is doing behind the scenes.

This is yet another manifestation of Justin Trudeau’s arrogant and autocratic attitude. He sees himself as above and separate from Canadians, and doesn’t believe he should ever have to explain himself to us.

The list of lies and broken promises from the Trudeau government is now too long to count, and is yet further reason Trudeau must be defeated.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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why is he still in power


I, like many others, are so sick of this idiot. I can not for the life of me understand how he got to be leader of the liberal party. I hope his supporters are following what is going on.

Lian Walton

Karen- never mind leader of the Liberals , the leader of our country . our leader – the man by which all of Canada is judged on an international stage – he is a morally bankrupt buffoon – he believes in the Chinese way of life and he also holds Quebec in more favour than the rest of Canada . This is not hate mongering – these are facts – his family is enamoured with Castro – while the world celebrated Fidel’s death Trudeau wept .

Alex D.

Really he’s enamored with Castro and favours the Chinese way? So let me guess you’re a right wing nutter that believes that there’s a communist behind every door just waiting to take over the country. This PM if nothing else is Harper lite, probably something you were for judging by your comment. He’s rubber stamped every pipeline every security bill and supported corporations quietly so as not to give away his real agenda and gone along with America’s foreign policy lock step. Canada needs a real leader not the three stooges that make up our current crop.


That’s why his supporters voted for him because they never know what’s going on. They never followed anything. If they did follow politics they would have never voted for him.

Andrew Klinzmann

But Hey ! Nice hair…..

June Gamble

Is there any way this idiot can be inseated before the next election?