Jihadi Shot In Brussels After Setting Off Explosion

Witness says he yelled “Allahu Akbar” before blowing up device.

An attempted suicide bomber was shot and killed by soldiers in Brussels, in what Belgian prosecutors are calling a terrorist attack.

Brussels remains under serious threat, ever since radical Islamists butchered 32 people in March of 2016.

The Jihadi reportedly set off one explosive device once he realized soldiers were onto him, and was quickly shot before he could set off another. According to reports in Belgian media, he was wearing a bomb belt.

Unsurprisingly, witnesses say the man yelled “Allahu Akbar” before blowing up a “wheeled suitcase.”

The attack in Belgium follows an attack in Paris where an Islamist rammed his car into a police van, and an attack in London where a man ran over Muslim worshipers as they left a mosque. Previously, hundreds were slaughtered in terror attacks in France, Germany, and the UK, including the Manchester bombing and the London Bridge attack.

Europe under siege

Despite the best efforts of the corrupt elites to wish the problem away, Europe is a continent under siege from Islamist terrorism. One of the biggest problems they face – which we face in Canada as well – is the fact that Jihadis are allowed to leave the country, fight for ISIS, and then return.

It’s total insanity, and it puts law-abiding citizens at risk. Clearly, what authorities must do is ban all returning ISIS fighters from ever coming back, but in the insane politically correct climate in which we live those in power never use common sense.

As a result, the terrorist incidents keep piling up, and more and more people are put at horrible risk. Those in power need to get smart and get tough fast, because every wasted moment makes the danger grow even worse.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter